2012 security planning exercises begin

The Met Police Marine Policing Unit and the Royal Marines are taking to the River Thames this week as part of Olympic safety and security planning.

To help further develop the safety and security operation for the river Thames the MPU and Royal Marines will carry out a series of familiarisation exercises, beginning today (January 16). These are designed to make sure that everyone has the same level of knowledge about the how the river operates and how our tactics work together.

Running from January 16-20, police vessels, Royal Marines vessels, and helicopters will be visible on certain parts of the river.

Assistant commissioner Chris Allison, national Olympic security coordinator, said: “As part of the police led safety and security operation to keep the Games and London safe the Royal Marines will be working with police officers from the Marine Policing Unit on the River Thames.

“All of our planning is designed to mitigate against potential risks during the summer of 2012, and this is an example of where we will be using specialist military capability to support us. This exercise is not in response to any specific threat, but is part of our planning to pre-deploy certain specialist assets to bolster our operation.

“This will be a summer like no other in London. The Thames runs through the very heart of our capital and will be a popular place for people who want to be part of the Olympic spirit. This is all part of our planning to ensure this summer’s events take place safely and securely.”