319,000 Olympic and Paralympic tickets were unsold

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In a letter to the London Assembly, Paul Deighton, chief executive of LOCOG, has revealed the final ticketing figures for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In total, 10.99 million tickets out of the 11.3 million tickets available were sold, raising £659 million towards LOCOG’s operating costs. In all, 319,000 tickets were unsold, the majority of which were for the early rounds of football events.

The figures how that 76.3 per cent of all Olympic tickets and 91 per cent of all Paralympic tickets were sold through the UK ticketing application process, achieving LOCOG’s target of 75 per cent.

Deighton and Lord Seb Coe will meet the London Assembly today to answer questions in relation to the games and its legacy. Deighton’s letter was presented to the assembly in advance of the meeting and outlines information on ticketing, employment and finance, and can be found here.

The letter reveals that 86 per cent of temporary overlay items for the games were hired and the expected fuel consumption of generators was reduced by 40 per cent.