5 On the Farm

5 on the Farm Festival appoints Nipperbout

5 on the Farm Festival has appointed Nipperbout, the event industry childcare provider, to create stay and play areas and lost child points for families attending their event this summer.

The 5 on the Farm Festival features a line-up of Channel 5 stars, including Ben Fogle, Amanda Owen, Peppa Pig and PAW Patrol. It will take place at Cannon Hall Farm, Yorkshire over the August Bank Holiday weekend 2021.

The Nipperbout stay and play area will be part of the “Milkshake! Meadow” of children’s activities that will run over the three-days. It will include multiple activities including face painting, sensory play, den building a whole host of games themed around the farm.

Victoria Smith, director of Showrunner Productions, organiser of 5 on the Farm Festival, said: “Everyone at 5 on the Farm Festival is delighted to welcome Nipperbout to join us at Cannon Hill Farm for this August Bank Holiday weekend. Nipperbout will be delivering a whole host of exciting children’s activities within the “Milkshake! Meadow” throughout the three-day weekend. We are delighted to be working with this industry leading childcare provider with a strong focus on engaging, safe, family fun.”

Janthea Brigden, CEO and director of childcare of Nipperbout, said: “Stay and play areas give parents the chance to have some fun with their children. It is really important for families to experience child led play; it’s a wonderful opportunity for the child to be in control of the parent, because normally the parent is in control of the child’s day, and everything they do. It’s particularly important if you have struggles with children about control; none of us like being controlled and the whole point of growing up is that at some point we will be out on our own. It’s absolutely right and natural that a child should want to resist control, and one of the places where parents can give the child that freedom is in imaginative play. Child led play also enables the child to become more familiar with taking turns and compromise because if an adult is playing with a child, the child is more likely to choose a game where they need help or need a partner.

“Stay and play areas help families create very special memories, they help forge deeper connections, heal arguments, and engender trust and feeling of safety. They are great for the parent too – when you play with your child you get a release of oxytocin (the feel-good hormone) which helps relive anxiety and depression.”