ADI will supply sports presentation services to the UCI Cycling World Championships

ADI to deliver sports presentation for the UCI Cycling World Championships

ADI has won the contract to provide event presentation services to the inaugural 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships in Glasgow and across Scotland this summer.

The world’s greatest riders will get together from August 3-13 for what is set to be the biggest cycling event ever. Across 11 days of racing, 13 UCI World Championships will take place around Glasgow and Scotland, with more than one million spectators expected to attend.

ADI has been commissioned by Glasgow Life to deliver event presentation programmes that include ceremonies, creative content, interactivity and LED screen technologies across five prominent venues, including the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome and Glasgow Green.

With experience in ceremonies production for major sporting federations and championships, such as Formula E, UEFA and the World Gymnastics Championships, ADI’s sports presentation team are weaving the event theme ‘Power of the Bike’ into both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies in George Square, with strong representation from Glaswegian communities and performers.

The UCI Cycling World Championships will also feature 111 medal ceremonies over the 11 days, with ADI designing and delivering the majority of those.

Not only is ADI tasked with bringing to life event presentation concepts, but it will also be providing a large-scale deployment of LED hardware across five venues, with mobile and modular screens, digital wayfinding totems and interactive walls.
The digital displays will feature engaging content produced by ADI’s in-house production team.

To drive audience participation, QGlo – a bespoke smart phone application used to deliver synchronised light shows – and Piing – a multiplayer gaming platform for stadium-sized crowds – will be used as part of the event programming. Interactivity will also be encouraged through FanSee; a live video platform where fans can instantly stream video from their mobile device to the large-format venue screens.

ADI will be working with the Edinburgh-based company, Warehouse Sound, to manage the delivery of audio across the sites, while event design specialists 21CC will assist with lighting and SFX requirements.

Jade Gallagher, event operations lead at the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships, said: “While ADI’s abilities are proven, their highly creative vision for the event presentation was inspiring. They understood our desire to make Glasgow’s delivery of the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships something uniquely different in the sporting landscape, with a strong Glaswegian and Scottish identity as part of that. We are excited to work with their teams in the development of impressive entertainment programmes and digitally-led experiences across five of the official competition and GO LIVE! venues, which will form a key part of the very first edition of the UCI Cycling World Championships.”

Thomas Taylor, head of sales, Live Division at ADI, said: “To be able to help shape the first ever UCI Cycling World Championships is a real honour. Our team share the passion and ambition to achieve a unique, Glasgow stamp on the overall event presentation, while pushing forward the boundaries of live event experience with exciting concepts, interactivity, and use of digital technologies. All our solutions exist to create high-energy atmospheres and we’re confident that the UCI Cycling World Championships will raise the bar for creativity and innovation at cycling events in the future.”