AEO calls on industry to save Earls Court

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The Association of Event Organisers (AEO) is calling on the events industry to back its campaign to save Earls Court – the AEO is urging the Government and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to “call-in” and halt the planning application that proposes the demolition of the exhibition and event venue.

The association says that it has a strong argument as to why the application should be “called-in” and gives the following reasons:

  • The scheme involves substantial land assets held by Transport for London of which the Mayor is Chair and from which Transport for London would receive substantial benefits.
  • The Mayor is also the planning decision-maker.
  • The scheme spans the areas of two local authorities.
  • The residents of the existing estates oppose the scheme, but seem to have little or no control over their future destiny.
  • If the application was called-in, the Secretary of State would hold a public inquiry at which all the diverse interests would have an opportunity to express themselves and the whole process would be transparent and fair and not conducted behind closed doors.

The AEO believes that it has a strong case to support its case, and wants events professionals to support its cause by filling in a form, which can be found here.