Artem create moving Scottish advertisement for Lord Mayor’s Show

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Scottish Development International paraded through the streets of London last weekend, as it took to the streets for the Lord Mayor’s Show with a state of the art float.

Artem Glasgow and Artem London – the company responsible for creating a 20-metre high puppet of J K Rowling’s villain Voldemort, a grinning Cruella de Ville, Alice in Wonderland’s maniacal Queen of Hearts, and Captain Hook for the London 2012 opening ceremony – transformed over 13-metres of flatbed truck into a moving Scottish advertisement.

Rolling Scottish hillsides, landmark buildings and Edinburgh Castle all featured. Sitting atop the hillside was an artistic representation of Edinburgh’s historic castle, while behind it a setting moon resembled a golf ball. A 21st century incarnation of the infamous Nessie – a USB cable – swam through the loch, while a giant bionic hand clasped a tumbler of whiskey, marrying two internationally-renowned Scottish products.

The project was commissioned by Scottish Development International and the event was transmitted live on BBC1.