Askern Music Festival

Askern Music Festival forced to postpone following council’s venue licence rejection

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The organiser of Askern Music Festival has been forced to postpone the festival because its licence application has been denied by Doncaster Council.

Doncaster Council’s licensing sub-committee would not issue the licence over public safety concerns. This has forced the organising team to move Askern Music Festival to June 2025 and find a new venue, The Eco Power Stadium.

Askern Music Festival was set to take place on July 13.

A statement read: “The decision to postpone comes after extensive work from the team to explore alternative venues within the area, all of which failed to meet the stringent safety requirements imposed by the council. Despite our team’s intensive efforts to keep the festival in Askern, we have outgrown the town and can no longer feasibly hold the event here.

“Our preparations for a return to Askern involved developing a comprehensive Event Safety Management plan, spanning 154 pages, with an additional road traffic management Plan. This work covered various aspects including event organisation, site and crowd management, and emergency response.

“We exhausted every possible avenue to address all aspects of safety, but unfortunately, our efforts fell short. The site’s limitations combined with the rigorous safety standards set by the council presented a challenge that was just too much for us to overcome.”

The organising team is now collaborating with Club Doncaster to secure The Eco Power Stadium for June 7, 2025 with the main stage located on the pitch, and the surrounding areas of the stadium also being used for further performances and entertainment.