attend2IT supplies The Great Escape Festival with seamless connectivity

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Attend2IT supplied Wi-Fi to The Great Escape Festival (May 15-18), ensuring seamless coverage across Brighton’s key festival sites.

The Great Escape is a four-day festival for new music, features over 450 emerging bands and artists performing at more than 30 venues throughout Brighton.

The Leonardo Hotel served as the epicentre of the festival’s conference activities. Here, attend2IT provided Wi-Fi support for event control and the production team. Additionally, it implemented an efficient badge printing system to accommodate more than 4,000 delegates, ensuring smooth and organised access to the festival’s numerous events.

One of the festival’s central music locations, the Beach Site, comprised three dynamic stages. Given that The Great Escape operates as a cashless festival, reliable internet connectivity was vital. attend2IT delivered site-wide Wi-Fi to support the production team, sponsors, and artists. It also established multiple cable connections to serve the bars and trader stands. Connectivity was brought to the beach through a combination of wireless leased lines and backup Starlinks, guaranteeing uninterrupted service.

Jubilee Square, situated in the heart of Brighton, hosted the Box Office and wristband exchange. Here, attend2IT provided connectivity for these operations, as well as for the additional bars and trade stands. A new addition this year was a dedicated line for the BBC Sounds cabin, enabling live broadcasts from the festival.

With its advanced connectivity solutions, attend2IT ensured that The Great Escape Festival ran smoothly, allowing attendees and participants to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant musical atmosphere without any technical hitches.

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