Authentic sustainability: Finally, a production company’s realistic approach to environmental and social responsibility in the events industry

Better Green Productions, the Production Company Showing Us All What Sustainability in Experiential & Events Really Can Look Like

Better Green Productions, a dynamic arm of the Better Green Group, is making significant waves in the realms of experiential marketing, event exhibitions and roadshows. At the heart of this rapidly growing enterprise, jointly helmed by the husband-and-wife duo Dee and Edward Parsons, lies their unwavering commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, helping clients reach shared compliance and commitment goals.

Better Green Productions is not only making their firm mark on the landscape of live experiences through their expertise, but also shows clearly how to be both sustainable and socially responsible. Their impactful work is impossible to overlook with standout projects at some of the United Kingdom’s most recognisable events, including the Reading Festival, Wireless Festival, COP23, Summer Sounds Greenwich, The RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Royal Ascot, The Eurovision Song Contest and more.
Sustainable Evolution of the Pepsi Max Tower

For the fifth season, working on the Pepsi Max project and the second year in a row with iD Agency, The Pepsi Max Tower is now the festival goers go-to landmark on the festival map at Reading and Wireless Festivals. The activation literally stood above the rest, twice the size of previous years – a testament to direct-to-consumer brand marketing, making a positive and lasting impression on its audience.

iD Agency and Better Green Productions worked collaboratively on a dynamic transformation and upgrade of the Tower, evolving it into a grander, more spectacular presence, covering a mighty 300sqm footprint over three floors.

Although a completely new design, both Better Green Productions and their clients, iD, were resolute in incorporating as many stock raw materials as possible from the previous years’ builds, whilst not compromising on quality. Accordingly, much of the pre-production time was spent retrieving existing elements and reconstituting the materials into the current design to reach their sustainability goal of using 50% of the existing structure or material in the build. In addition, not only were over 550 trees planted in Indonesia and the UK, but three outreach projects received a considerable percentage of funding from Better Green’s bottom line from this project. These projects included a fully funded road side store for one at risk family in Kenya via Start Small, much needed maintenance to a unit for homeless champions ShowerBox and sponsorship for a fundraising partnership with the IOW Youth Trust. “We are here to not only off-set, we are here to actively put back more than we take both environmentally and socially, real direct-to-need impact.” Explains CEO and Sustainability & Outreach Director, Dee Parsons.

Further Projects From Summer 2023

Babylonstoren & The Newt’s participation at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show underscores a harmonious blend of nature and luxury. For the third consecutive year, Better Green Productions partnered with their esteemed client, Grand Central, representing these brands. In 2023, new 100sqm designs were introduced for two stands in the show’s bustling promenade, maintaining their commitment to quality and attention to detail. “We incorporated significant elements and materials from previous years while prioritising sustainability. Our eco-conscious approach reduced residual material waste to just 8m3 over two seasons. This continuous evolution of this activation reflects our strong client relationship and commitment to delivering high-quality builds and with low or even no environmental impact, a clear goal we set and share with our clients. Through extra care in choosing a direct-to-need beneficiary, you get to know the roots of these charities or foundations, so what you provide makes a real difference, a difference we can be proud of with our clients.” Explains Dee.

At Royal Ascot 2023, elegance reached new heights with The Summer House, an exceptional bar and dining haven within the Royal Enclosure. Again, working with their clients, Grand Central, Better Green undertook the transformation of this prestigious venue. Better Green Productions converted a two-tiered 200sqm Clearspan structure into a luxurious British Summer House, featuring custom-designed wallpaper, eclectic furniture, a decorated internal pergola, and a bespoke feature bar and back bar. This stunning setting, complete with a meticulously planned plant and foliage design, was brought to life from planning to install in just 10 days to elevate the Royal Ascot experience for its most exclusive guests. Over 500 trees were planted in the client’s name with sustainability partner Trees4Trees.

20% Of After Tax Profits Donated to Sustainability & Outreach Is a Bold Statement From This Thriving Production House, But One They Can Back Up

What sets Better Green Productions apart is its unwavering commitment to sustainability and outreach. Their message to clients is clear: “The more we do for you, the more we can do for the planet and those in need.” This mantra drives the company’s approach to every project and serves as the foundation for their sustainability manifesto and those they partner with. You can view their impressive manifesto of commitments and updates here.

Better Green Productions operates a strict internal process for sustainable working practices, to include carefully selected carbon offsetting strategies in Indonesia and the UK, and active support for seven hand picked charities in the UK, Kenya and Indonesia. Beneficiaries include New Horizons, Showerbox, Trees4Trees, Ecologi, Faron Paul’s Whiteflag, Isle of Wight Youth Trust and Start Small, Kenya.
Waste Disposal at the Heart of It All

“Environmentally sound waste disposal isn’t easy or glamorous,” Explains Managing Director Ed Parsons, “But an area of the business that is both unavoidable and crucial.” All waste materials are prepared and separated in accordance with Better Green’s recycling partners’ guidelines to enable less than 5% to landfill. Alternatively, materials and products are advertised locally to be recycled or reused throughout local businesses, schools, and community projects. “This is the base, the minimum we can all do, it does not have to come at the cost of huge financial commitment, it is about being smart in our choices, and being well informed to what we do, has both the biggest and most positive impact”. Explains Ed.
The Future Is Better-Green – A Commitment to Planting 30,000 Trees by 2027

With huge sustainability & outreach goals already in place, including a commitment to planting 30,000 trees by 2027, Better Green Productions is excited to share their ethos with the industry and continue to work with clients on delivering projects that are not only sustainable, but also helping companies reach and develop their own sustainability goals. However, Ed emphatically clarifies, “Let there be no doubt – we are far from flawless, but our pursuit of excellence and progress drives us forward. We have no intention of masking our efforts with ‘greenwashing’; instead, we choose to maintain a realistic approach, continually enhancing both our operations and the services we deliver to our valued clients”.

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About Better Green Productions:

Better Green Productions (BGP) is one of three divisions of the Better Green Group. BGP is a leading creative design and build agency specialising in experiential marketing, event production, exhibitions, roadshows, and festivals. With over two decades of experience, the company is committed to sustainability, creativity, and delivering exceptional results for clients.

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Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Better Green Productions not only survived but thrived, experiencing 149% growth during the crisis. Their “Do Something, Not Nothing” initiative encouraged brands to activate during the pandemic, resulting in projects like “Raising the Bar,” which supported 500 Nationwide Diageo & Guinness customers and pub landlords with a bespoke designed and ‘rule of 6’ mini pub. Better Green also successfully pivoted with their commercial building division now the principle contractor for the last two years for university goliaths, King’s College University London Better Green Living. Better Green also has a boutique Sporting Overlay Division having worked on major sporting events such as the London Olympics, Glasgow Commonwealth, Glasgow Cycling, the Rugby World Cup and is set to work on the new French Olympics site Better Green Overlay.
Better Green Roots

Founded by a close-knit group of friends with a shared passion for event production, Better Green Productions has evolved into a thriving company. Ed Parsons, whose journey began with summer holiday work on bars, festivals, and marquee builds, honed his production skills and values during a year spent at a pop-up summer/Christmas party venue. It was here that he met Dee, whose creative and commercial acumen complemented Ed’s expertise. Together, they founded Better Green Productions, which now boasts a family of over 52 crew members and a portfolio of more than 400 successful projects.

Better Green Productions offers a wide range of services, including experiential activations, festival builds, live events, roadshow and touring kits, exhibitions, semi-permanent pop-ups and environments, as well as container and vehicle conversion.

An array of captivating projects in 2023 has showcased Better Green’s innovation and creativity across various domains.

Better Green Productions is a Division of Better Green Group.

Pepsi Tower, Reading Festival 2023. Photo credit: Rogue Productions

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