Mental Health Matters

Did you know that one in three #Eventprofs suffer from poor mental health? At EBL, we have long been focused on the importance of good mental health practices. Mental health is an issue that is close to our hearts. This is why we are supporting Mental Health UK. We're on a mission to raise £5,000 for this incredible charity.

At #EBL23, Mental Health UK's Claire Neal joined us to shed light on crucial aspects of mental health. Her insights highlighted why it's essential for our community to support this cause. Now, we're calling on all of you to unite with us in reaching our £5,000 target!

Neil Fagg, event director of Event Buyers Live, said: “Event Buyers Live has several values that we stand by. We support diversity, equality, and inclusivity and do all we can to ensure EBL is not only sustainable but also supportive and respectful of everyone’s needs.

“At EBL 2022, we ran a big mental health workshop that highlighted the great work being done on event sites to support crew welfare. It recognised good mental health practices in the workplace. The workshop was supported by Mental Health UK, a great charity that is doing great work.”

Fagg continued: “We want to continue supporting Mental Health UK, which is why we would like to raise money and fund their amazing work by asking everyone to make a small donation.

“Let's stand together as an industry, support one another and make a meaningful impact on mental health. Visit our fundraising page, contribute, and be a part of the positive change we aim to create!”

#EBL23 Drone Show

The 'StandOut Spectacular' went down a treat at #EBL23 and we wanted to showcase some of the best bits not only for us to watch back but for the attendees to watch back too. Thank you to FlightShows for making it happen.

The audio in this video is #EBL23's very own sound, made on-site by some of the attendees of the event, Ryan Breen from Classical Collaborations and composer, Richard Taylor.

Read more about #EBL23.

Audio © Event Buyers Live

Cornucopia Events

Cornucopia Events Mini Vohra on organising a $30m event for Alicia Keys

The re-launch of Alicia Keys' public image was orchestrated by Mini Vohra, managing director of Cornucopia Events. Here, Evelyn Sinclair, event manager at Cornucopia Events, unveils the strategies that culminated in this $30 million event for Iconsiam, Thailand...

The genesis of the event

Every event begins with a clear vision and purpose. In the case of the Alicia Keys re-launch, Cornucopia Events's Mini Vohra, managing director, laid the foundation by meticulously mapping out objectives, desired outcomes, and key messaging. Understanding the client's aspirations was paramount, enabling the team to craft an event that resonated with the artist's journey and growth, while also resonating with her fans.

Behind the scenes

Behind the seamless exterior of the event lay countless hours of logistical planning and coordination by Cornucopia Events. The team worked tirelessly to secure the perfect venue, considering factors like capacity, ambience, and accessibility. Collaborating with various stakeholders, including vendors, sponsors, and technical crews, was a delicate dance, ensuring that each element contributed to the event's overall success.


In today's tech-savvy world, staying ahead of the curve is vital. Recognising this, Cornucopia Events adopted cutting-edge technologies to improve the guest's experience. Cutting-edge lighting, sound, and visual effects were harmoniously integrated to create an immersive environment that resonated with the event's theme. A great eye for detail and expertise in technology were required to ensure seamless transitions and maintain a suitable ambience.

Navigating challenges
Event management is never without its challenges. From unforeseen weather changes to last-minute adjustments in schedules, the Cornucopia Events team demonstrated agility and adaptability. Backup plans were meticulously crafted, ready to be executed at a moment's notice. This ability to remain composed in the face of uncertainties is a hallmark of effective event management.

Cornucopia Events put considerable thought into every detail of the event, from guest arrival experiences to post-event engagements. A well-designed registration process streamlined check-ins, minimising waiting times for attendees. The choice of refreshments and seating arrangements was carefully curated to ensure comfort and engagement. These seemingly small details contribute to a holistic and memorable event experience.

From the initial concept to the final execution, the event showcased strategic planning, meticulous execution, technical innovations, and an unwavering commitment to creating unforgettable experiences. It's through the lens of these behind-the-scenes operations that we, as event organisers, can draw inspiration and wisdom to elevate our events to unparalleled heights.

A message from Neil Fagg, event director: Let’s continue to support each other

I wanted to share the meaningful reason behind our choice to support Mental Health UK as our charity partner for the second year running at Event Buyers Live.

In our industry, we understand the incredible pressures and challenges that our colleagues and partners often face. The live events business can be demanding, both physically and mentally. This is why we have chosen to align ourselves with Mental Health UK – a charity that directly addresses the mental well-being of individuals in our sector.

The live events industry in the UK has a unique set of stressors, from tight deadlines and long hours to the ever-changing demands of clients and audiences. These challenges can take a toll on the mental health of those involved, and we believe that supporting Mental Health UK is a powerful way to make a positive impact.

By choosing Mental Health UK as our charity of choice, we are taking a significant step towards:

**Supporting Our Own**: Mental Health UK provides vital support services tailored to the unique needs of individuals in the live events industry. It offers practical assistance, counselling, and resources that can make a real difference in the lives of our colleagues.

**Raising Awareness**: Our partnership helps reduce the stigma around mental health within our industry. By openly discussing mental health challenges, we can encourage a more supportive and empathetic environment for everyone involved.

**Research and Innovation**: Mental Health UK invests in research to better understand the specific mental health issues faced by those in our line of work. This research informs the development of effective, industry-specific solutions.

**Community Engagement**: Mental Health UK works with organisations in the live events sector to provide training and resources that promote mental well-being. This not only benefits individuals but also contributes to a healthier, more productive industry.

In supporting Mental Health UK, we are contributing to a future where the mental well-being of individuals in our industry is a top priority. We invite you to stand with us and make a positive impact on the lives of those working in live events in the UK.

We are not only raising awareness but vital funds with another target of £5,000 via our JustGiving page. For those lucky enough to attend the live event this year, the blind auction proceeds will also be donated to MHUK.

See you in November!

Neil Fagg

Prepare to be inspired with insightful and relatable content

Protect Duty, festival operations, safeguarding, flexible working practices, and value engineering your event. These are just some of the topics to be discussed at this year’s Event Buyers Live (EBL), which returns to Carden Park, Cheshire (November 13-15).

Protect Duty will be the focus of EBL’s only workshop. Caroline Harding, chief executive of Symphotech, will lead the session alongside Garry Jones, director of Storm4Events and course director for the UK Police Counter Terrorism Security Coordinator training, Graeme Timms, head of health and safety at Alexandra Palace and chair of the Safety Advisors Group for Entertainment, and Lloyd Major, director of Halo Solutions.

Harding said: “I’m delighted that Protect Duty will be taking centre stage at EBL this November. There has been a lot of discussion around counter terrorism this year. With so much speculation and uncertainty around new legislation, the details of which are yet to be confirmed, I look forward to joining Garry, Graeme, and Lloyd, who bring a huge amount of experience and knowledge, to share with delegates. We hope that we advise guests on how to prepare their events and discuss practical steps they can take.”

Event Buyers Live is respected for its informal roundtable discussions which give organisers an opportunity to have productive discussions around real-world topics that pose interesting challenges on site. Arc Event Consultancy’s Becs Leach and freelance safeguarding specialist Dawn Grant will deliver roundtables on flexible working practices and safeguarding respectively. Plus, the Association of Independent Festivals – chaired by John Rostron – will deliver a festival- focused roundtable too.

This year’s EBL will also feature a dedicated panel session delivered in partnership with GL events UK. It will look at how event organisers and suppliers can work together to value engineer an event. The session will feature the expertise of Sam Herd, head of event planning and delivery at the Lawn Tennis Association, event management specialist Jack Saward, owner of Saward Marketing and Events, and David Tunnicliffe, commercial director of GL events UK.

Tunnicliffe said: “With increases in commodity costs and event budgets tighter than ever, winning a contract or appointing a supplier can often be only the start of a tense process of negotiation which can risk making or breaking the event supply chain. When clients and suppliers are able to work together to value engineer a cost- effective solution for the delivery of event infrastructure, without compromising on the essentials of the event, you know you’ve found a relationship worth maintaining. And when a supplier can bring innovation, imagination, and ideas to the table, using their experience and flexibility to make a client’s life easier, you’ve really hit the supply chain jackpot!

“GL events talk a lot about client collaboration, so I am looking forward to putting my money where my mouth is and taking this conversation to a wider audience at Event Buyers Live this year. I am delighted to be joined by Sam and Jack. We won’t be the only members of the panel – there’s a bit of a twist here so I won’t spoil the surprise. What I can promise is a frank, lively and insightful discussion around the challenges, pitfalls and successes of value engineering event solutions.”

Caroline Clift, editor of StandOut magazine and EBL’s content manager, said: “Our content programme reflects the challenges being faced by our sector and provides an opportunity to spark conversation and gain different perspectives. That’s why it’s so good... our sessions are honest and relatable, so if you would like to attend #EBL as a hosted buyer, get registering now. There are still more speakers to be revealed but with a line- up this strong, why wait?”

Registration for the industry event closes on November 1. Register at

A message from Sarah Bourne, Event Buyers Live’s event manager: Make some new connections

Event Buyers Live 2023 (#EBL23) is well underway. We’re incredibly excited to see that so many event suppliers and organisers have signed up to attend the industry event.

Event Buyers Live is regarded as “The Place To Do Business” so much so that all supplier places have now sold out. But don’t let that put you off. There are still a few networking opportunities available. So, if you love to network and would like to meet the right people and make new contacts, call me on 01792 509113 or email

Event Buyers Live prides itself on facilitating productive and pre-arranged one-on-one meetings between event suppliers and organisers. Register now before it’s too late.

A message from Janine Walmsley: Smart procurement!

I am delighted to be the hosted buyer manager this year and I am keen to encourage event organisers to register ASAP due to popular demand.

Carden Park, located in the beautiful Cheshire countryside, is our exclusive host venue for the event’s ninth outing, accommodating only 100 hosted buyers who have the opportunity to review their supply chain and place contracts for 2024/25 and beyond, and from a broad range of reputable suppliers.

Event Buyers Live spans three days [November 13-15, 2023] and provides event professionals with a packed, productive, and personalised itinerary, including two nights’ accommodation.

Over the last few weeks, I have found it interesting speaking to people who have not been before and what they perceive is involved. Many assume it is another trade show, but it is not!  Let's take a look at what others say!

Networking also takes place across the whole event. Attendees can use any suitable free time to meet other attendees. This is something that we wholeheartedly encourage because if this year has taught us anything, it’s that collaboration is key.

People also ask: “How much does it cost to attend?” If you are an event organiser and you meet our attendance criteria, it is free to attend. Please complete the Full Registration Form to apply and we will be in touch.

If you have questions about how to book supplier meetings, which suppliers will be present, who else is attending, and which content sessions you can take part in, either call me on 01795 509113 and we can talk through how the event runs, visit the FAQs page About page on the website, or complete an application and specify your needs at point of registration.

My concluding message is to utilise Event Buyers Live to its full potential with a smart approach to your procurement. I am here to help you to get the most from the event and if I can be of assistance then please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Janine Walmsley

How GL events UK worked alongside Birmingham 2022 to deliver a memorable event

Having been appointed official overlay supporter to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, GL events UK was tasked with the operational delivery of certain key event infrastructure to this major multi-sport event.

Race to the Games takes a closer look at the supplier's relationship with the Birmingham 2022 Organising Committee. Learn why close collaboration was critical, as the team provided overlay across 12 competition venues, playing its part in this memorable sporting event.


Event Buyers Live

Event industry hails Event Buyers Live 2022 huge success


Fantastic. Seamless. Extremely productive. Amazing. Informative. Fun. These are just some of the words used by events professionals to describe their experience at Event Buyers Live (EBL) 2022 last month [November 28-30].

The industry networking event, which took place at Carden Park Hotel, Chester, was a huge success according to feedback from both organisers and suppliers who gathered at the prestigious venue.

After another challenging 12 months, Event Buyers Live connected the live events industry. In fact, the event’s innovative badging technology – provided by Blendology – shows that 4,700 unique connections were made, and more than 630  meetings took place.

Neil Fagg, co-founder of EBL, said: “Every year, we strive to make Event Buyers Live the most productive, engaging, and worthwhile event we can, so it was fantastic to see so many events professionals networking and connecting.  I know significant contracts have already been awarded and with very interesting conversations taking place, watch this space for more collaborative partnerships.

Emily Whitaker, senior event manager at Limelight Sports, agreed with Fagg. The event delivered an excellent opportunity to network and connect. She said: “Event Buyers Live was an amazing opportunity to connect and meet with suppliers and other event organisers. It was seamlessly organised, with a wonderfully varied schedule. We met some really exciting new suppliers and attended some brilliant workshops and panel talks. The schedule was well balanced with a mix of meetings, talks, networking time, and some downtime. It was brilliantly organised by the EBL team, and nothing was too much trouble. Aside from the networking and insight opportunities provided at the event, it also felt like a great moment to celebrate the year with the wider industry and start to get really excited about the year ahead!”

Sarah-May Clarke, operations director at Pub in the Park, concurred. She explained: “Event Buyers Live is a fantastic event and a great way to meet and network with your peers in the industry. There is a great mixture of suppliers and organisers, and it creates a relaxed environment for everyone to get to know one another better. The organisers create a variety of activities to suit all interests like Net-Walks, workshops, and roundtables along with valuable one-on-one supplier meetings. I would recommend any organiser or supplier thinking of attending to give it a try as I valued all the things I learned in my time there and came away with lots of new contacts.”

Event Buyers Live 2022 consisted of more than 630 supplier meetings, 15 content sessions, five Net-Walks (think networking and walking), and more networking than you could imagine.

Events professionals from Formula E, LS Events, Kilimanjaro Live, Method Events, Southampton International Boat Show, Amplify, Culture Liverpool, Bristol City Council, CarFest, RHS, IMG, DHP Family, NW Live, Avantgarde, Cuffe and Taylor, Identity, Greater London Authority, Limelight Sports, and London Marathon Events attended the respected event, which facilitates pre-arranged one-on-one meetings between organisers and suppliers. It gives events professionals the chance to sit down with each other and discuss project and procurement requirements.

Duncan Strain, director of Silent Noize Events, was just one of the many suppliers supporting the event. He said of his event experience: “It was our first time attending EBL and we were not disappointed. Brilliant organisation both pre and during the show and it was a fantastic opportunity to meet and network with many of the key players in the event industry.”

Craig Walkley, event sales consultant at PKL Group, agreed. He commented: “It was my first experience attending Event Buyers Live and I found it an excellent opportunity to meet potential clients in the industry. What sets it apart from other networking events is that the set meetings are with buyers who have chosen to meet us, meaning we could have good conversations about how we may be able to support them as a business.”

Fagg concluded: “This year has not been without its challenges; we know that life on site has been tough and that there have been a series of common obstacles that people have had to navigate. Therefore, I appreciate the time that everyone has taken out of the office. Their input has been invaluable and has helped make EBL what it is… the place to do business, the place to network, and the place to learn.

“Thank you to everyone that attended and supported our team, and who made it so special. From our speakers, our ambassadors, our sponsors and event partners, everyone played their part, and delivered what is the best EBL yet. Roll on 2023!”

The full event review will be published in the upcoming Winter edition of StandOut magazine.

All images: Jonathan JT Taylor/Aniseed Photo

Fancy joining a Net-Walk?

Do you like walking and talking? Well, bring your boots and a warm coat to Event Buyers Live and join fellow #eventprofs on a Net-Walk. This year, the organising team has introduced two Net-Walks to the events programme. What’s a Net-Walk? It’s walking and networking so just imagine you’re going for a stroll, stretching your legs, and meeting someone new at the same time.

We’ve got two Net-Walks planned – one on November 29 and one on November 30, and there are four routes that you can take; so, you can go for a quick stroll or walk a few miles. The Net-Walks are designed to give you a break from the meeting room, the chance to get some fresh air, and the opportunity to meet someone new, whilst taking in the beautiful surroundings of Carden Park.

Caroline Clift, content manager at Event Buyers Live, said: “In my spare time, I love nothing more than sticking on my boots and taking the dog for a long walk. People get so much from nature and just being outside. So, this year, we made the decision to introduce two Net-Walks. They are a new addition to the programme but we’re sure that they will get the creative juices flowing and provide our guests with the opportunity to meet someone new and get the blood pumping.

“Event Buyers Live is an intense industry event with lots of meetings and opportunities to learn. It’s quite a full-on and packed programme so we hope these walks will encourage people to take a break, get some Vitamin D, and clear the head.”

If you would like to join a Net-Walk, please register for Event Buyers Live now. Registration closes on October 31:

Mental Health and Events: Building a Supportive Culture at EBL

If I could sum up the general mood right now; everyone is knackered. This summer has been a testing time and many #eventprofs have told me that the pressures of this year have been more stressful than having to deal with COVID. I’ve heard some event safety professionals describe the season as “lunacy”. As a result, crews and staff are demanding better welfare facilities; they want more than a tent and handwashing facilities. Crazy long shifts, a sandwich, and having to do the job of two people are simply not sustainable. So, what can we do about it? Organisations are increasingly looking at mental health and wellbeing provision at the office, but what about freelancers? And what happens when we move from our offices and into a field? How can you build a supportive culture in a temporary event environment?

Mental health/staff welfare is just one of the topics that we will be addressing at Event Buyers Live in November. It’s clear that event professionals are feeling overwhelmed, so what can we do to make life on an event site better, what support is out there, and how can we help people – freelance staff too – to manage their tasks and to-do lists?

Event Buyers Live is hosting a dedicated staff welfare and mental health workshop, with the support of Mental Health UK. We have partnered with the charity and if you sign up for the event and Tell a Friend about EBL – and they come along to the event too – we’ll donate £150 to Mental Health UK. It’s important to give back where you can. If you take something out, you’ve got to put something in, but more importantly, no one can drink from an empty cup.

A Video Message from Event Buyers Live

If you have not attended Event Buyers Live before, you may have some questions about the format. Check out this cool video that will hopefully provide some answers.

More Speakers added to the EBL Content Programme

Last month, we revealed that Professor Keith Still, Gary Beestone Associates’ Zoe Snow, and Claire Drakeley, senior lecturer, and programme leader of the BA (Hons) Events Management degree at the University of Northampton, would facilitate roundtable discussions on crowd science, large-scale event production, and events mismanagement. This month, we can reveal that Rob Wilkinson, founder and managing director of My Cause UK, will host a roundtable on volunteer management, and Helen Thackeray, chair of the Local Authority Event Organisers Group (LAEOG) and head of events at Hull City Council, will facilitate a special roundtable on working effectively with local authorities.

Caroline Clift, content manager at Event Buyers Live, said: “We really do have a packed content programme, but we’ve only just scratched the surface about what’s to come. There are lots more announcements in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. Check out and for updates and don’t forget to register for the industry event of the year. If you do one thing this week, sign up for the event – it will make a whole world of difference to the work you produce and your professional development.”

A message from Neil Fagg, Event Buyers Live’s Event Director: Learning to listen

It’s been a funny old year, but I can now put my hand up and say what I have been doing for most of 2022… listening! Time is more precious than ever, skill sets are more valued than ever, we put on a show for other industries and work really, really hard. Events professionals want to collaborate and partner with like-minded people, we care for each other, the environment, and our industry, we sacrifice personal life and family time to deliver "standout" events, we are focused on delivering friendly and welcoming environments, we spend time balancing expectations and do not like letting others down, and we have a very, very stressful job! But above all, we work in one of the friendliest and coolest industries, and now we’re striving to be more diverse, mindful, and inclusive. I am proud to work alongside #eventprofs and I am proud to be able to deliver Event Buyers Live with the core focuses – sustainability, diversity, equality, inclusion, and welfare – at the heart of all our decision-making. We will deliver Event Buyers Live alongside the most amazing #eventprofs and our amazing team. I thank those who have taught me so much this year thus far. I know there is more to learn and more hard work on the horizon! Roll on #EBL22

A message from Caroline Clift, Event Buyer’s Live Content Manager: Prepare to be inspired

Decision-making, crowd science, and producing large-scale events are a handful of the topics to be discussed at Event Buyers Live 2022 this November. StandOut Multimedia, organiser of Event Buyers Live, can exclusively unveil details of the industry event’s respected education programme, alongside a series of industry experts who will facilitate the sessions.

Professor Keith Still, the man behind “The Queue”, has more than 30 years of consulting experience across a range of international crowd safety and risk analysis environments, and will facilitate a roundtable session on crowd risks and crowd science. He will draw on his vast expertise, which has seen him advise on crowd behaviour and crowd safety considerations for events ranging from 500 people to 3,000,000 people.

Joining Still is Zoe Snow, director of Gary Beestone Associates and – more recently – executive producer of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Snow will lead a roundtable focused on the production of large-scale events and high-profile ceremonies. Snow has a huge amount of experience in international sports presentation, and immersive events and theatre. She will share her recent experiences of working on the opening and closing ceremonies of Birmingham 2022, which required more than 250 rehearsals and involved more than 1,500 cast members.

But what happens when your event doesn’t go to plan? This is the focus of the next roundtable to be announced. Led by Claire Drakeley, senior lecturer, and programme leader of the BA (Hons) Events Management degree at the University of Northampton, Decision making: When it all goes wrong will provide events professionals with food for thought.

Drakeley is studying for her PhD, focusing on decision making within event management, and has recently published two chapters in Events MisManagement, considering case studies of failure in event projects. Drakeley said: “On-event decisions can be hugely complex with multiple stakeholders, limited resources, high levels of risk, and significant safety considerations. This roundtable will draw on all our experiences to explore how we make decisions when there is a failure in the plan and what impacts the effectiveness of the choices we make.”

Decision making, crowd science, and producing large-scale are the first three roundtable topics to be discussed – there will be eight roundtable discussions in total.

Caroline Clift, editor of StandOut magazine and content manager of Event Buyers Live, said: “Like many other event organisers, we strive to offer our guests the best event experience. Following audience feedback, we applied some fresh thinking and created some new content ideas. These new ideas and content streams will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Right now, I urge all eventprofs to register for Event Buyers Live. It really will be the place to do business.

If you would like to attend Event Buyers Live 2022, visit or call the team on 01795 509113.

A message from Sarah Bourne, Event Buyers Live’s Event Manager: Full up your diary

Event Buyers Live 2022 (#EBL22) is well underway. We’re incredibly excited to see that so many event suppliers and organisers have already signed up for the event; I wouldn’t want you to miss out.

If you would like to attend this niche buyer meets supplier event and would like to meet experienced organisers, who have purchasing authority, there are just six supplier spots left.

So, if you have the capacity to take on more work and have gaps in your 2023 calendar that you would like to fill, talk to the team about The Place to do Business. Event Buyers Live prides itself on facilitating productive and pre-arranged one-on-one meetings between event suppliers and event organisers. Register now before it’s too late.

If you would like more information, please call Sarah Bourne, event manager, on 01795 509113 or email

A message from Janine Walmsley, Event Buyers Live’s Delegate Manager: How can you get on top of your “to-do list”?

Welcome to the first Event Buyers Live newsletter. We’ll be bringing you the most recent news from the industry event every two weeks, and keeping you informed of the latest exciting announcements to come from EBL HQ.

I am delighted to be Delegate Manager again this year and I am keen to encourage event organisers to register ASAP for Event Buyers Live 2022.

Carden Park, located in the beautiful Cheshire countryside, is our exclusive host venue for the event’s eighth outing, accommodating only 100 event organisers who can review their supply chain and place contracts for 2023 events and beyond from a broad range of reputable suppliers.

I am mindful that we have ever-increasing “to-do lists” and a lot of us are feeling overwhelmed with what we must achieve within a limited timeframe. Therefore, you may question whether you have time to attend Event Buyers Live. My answer is YES!

Event Buyers Live spans three days [November 28-30, 2022] and provides event professionals with a packed, productive, and personalised itinerary, including two nights’ accommodation. Delivering a comprehensive educational programme that promotes information sharing, Event Buyers Live provides guests with multiple opportunities to share knowledge, network, and procure suppliers.

Over the last few weeks, I have found it interesting speaking to people who have not been to Event Buyers Live before and what they perceive is involved. Many assume it is another trade show, but it is not. Pre-arranged, self-selected meetings are held between organisers and up to two representatives from a chosen supplier/contractor company. Each meeting lasts 30 minutes. This is followed by a 15-minute break to allow time to grab a drink, nip to the loo, check your emails, or prepare for your next meeting.

But that’s not all. Networking also takes place across the whole event. Attendees can use any suitable free time to meet other attendees. This is something that we wholeheartedly encourage because if this year has taught us anything, it’s that collaboration is key.

People also ask: “How much does it cost to attend?” If you are an event organiser and you meet our strict attendance criteria, Event Buyers Live is free to attend. Please complete the Full Registration Form to apply and we will be in touch.

If you have questions about how to book supplier meetings, which suppliers will be present, who else is attending, and which roundtables and workshop sessions you can attend and take part in, either call me on 01795 509113 and we can talk through how the event runs, visit the FAQs page on the website, or complete an application and specify your needs at point of application.

My concluding message is to utilise Event Buyers Live to its full potential with a proactive and smart approach to that dreaded “to-do list”. I am here to help you to get the most from the event and if I can be of assistance then please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Event Buyers Live 2022 dates and location revealed

Get ready #eventprofs. StandOut Multimedia, the organiser of Event Buyers Live (EBL), can exclusively reveal the prestigious new location for the 2022 edition of the business event that brings together event organisers and industry suppliers.

Event Buyers Live 2022 (#EBL22) will take place at Carden Park Hotel and Spa, the luxury country estate near Chester, from November 28-30.

The 2022 edition of EBL will be the event’s eighth outing and will welcome only 100 of the live event industry’s most respected organisers. Accompanying the 100 will be just 45 event suppliers and venues for networking and pre-qualified face-to-face meetings.

Neil Fagg, co-founder of Event Buyers Live, explained: “2022 is a big year for the live events industry. Birmingham will host the Commonwealth Games and events up and down the country will celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. In addition, StandOut Multimedia will provide live event organisers with an opportunity to discuss project and procurement requirements for 2023 and beyond. We, therefore, needed a venue that befits our VIPs and their needs. Carden Park Hotel and Spa is the perfect location for EBL 2022 and features a host of facilities that will be exclusive to guests and enable us to deliver something very special this year.”

Fagg continued: “We are collaborating with many partners to make Event Buyers Live fitting of our industry landscape. After such a tough two years, the event will give event professionals the chance to come together, talk and support each other which I’m sure will be needed after what will no doubt be a strange season ahead. Event Buyers Live will facilitate beneficial conversations and enable events professionals to discuss their event plans for 2023, but more importantly, secure the right suppliers and contractors before Christmas.”

Carden Park Hotel – an independent hotel – has an award-winning spa and is located within 1,000 acres of Cheshire countryside, with a mile-long drive leading through the Nicklaus golf course, just one of the two championship golf courses onsite.



Fagg concluded: “We know that time out of the office is precious and open to scrutiny, but previous attendees have repeatedly told us that Event Buyers Live is of great value. Given the extraordinary experiences of the last 24 months and the seven months ahead, Event Buyers Live 2022 will be the place to focus, plan, and look forwards to 2023 in an environment that is not only relaxed but conducive to business. If you need event suppliers for 2023 and beyond, EBL22 is the place to do business and secure event contractors.”

To register your interest in attending EBL 2022, visit or call 01795 509113.

Tackling staff welfare with Bournemouth 7s Craig Mathie

It’s vital to look after your staff. Craig Mathie, managing director of Bournemouth 7s, talks about the festival’s decision to increase staff welfare facilities at this year’s event...

How did Bournemouth 7s 2022 go and how did it compare to last year?
We were absolutely delighted with how the 15th Bournemouth 7s Festival came together this year. The team had a fair bit more certainty, particularly in relation to COVID, and this allowed us to really hone our offering and improve our proposition for sports people and festivalgoers alike. I was absolutely delighted with how incredible the site looked this year and it’s been great to hear amazing feedback since we closed our doors. In addition to this, 2022 was notable for some incredible brand engagement and experiences – it’s clear to see that brands are ready and willing to engage with festival audiences again.

You increased staff welfare facilities at this year’s festival. What factors led to your decision to increase welfare provision?
At the end of 2021, I attended a few industry events, including the fantastic Event Buyers Live, and was confronted by a host of colleagues and friends, who were absolutely done in after an incredibly challenging post-COVID return to major events. This reiterated to me that our industry needed to do more to look after the people who make our events come to life. Aligned to this, our incredible Bournemouth 7s team had gone through COVID uncertainty, a 42-day lead into our biggest ever festival and then a month lead into a festival launch.

They kept delivering but were under significant pressure and we realised that this was not sustainable. We have always been good at looking after our staff, but I was determined that we could and should do more to ensure that they enjoy going to work, even in the busiest times.

What welfare provision did you previously deploy? How did this year’s provision differ?

Staff welfare isn’t complicated; it’s just about making sure that you take care of the basics, which so easily get forgotten when everything is bang up against it. This year, we had a dedicated staff and welfare manager who was tasked with ensuring staff were fed, watered, and rested during the event. We had several dedicated mental health first aiders, supported by our partnership with Dorset Mind, and ensured that welfare provisions were in place throughout the weekend. We worked with a new staff catering company, Kingsgate Catering, who delivered great hot food throughout the event and built a dedicated Light-On Lounge for staff to eat, rest, and relax during the event. In addition to this, we also looked to see where we could reduce shift times and avoid staff starting at the crack of dawn and finishing 18 hours later. Inevitably, there are long shifts and high pressure in our world, but we wanted to make sure our team knew how valued they all are in making Bournemouth 7s the success it is.

How were the new welfare facilities received?

Monitoring the impact of these measures is always a little bit challenging as you don’t see a tangible outcome from many of them. However, anecdotally, we received some great and generous words about the thought we had put into many of the plans. We saw far more staff working throughout the weekend on adjusted shifts and staff drop-off was significantly lower than in 2021.


What did you learn at this year’s event and how will you build on staff welfare for 2023?

Looking after our people is right at the centre of everything we do, and we will continue to build on this for future versions of the event. We are looking to create a dedicated quiet zone on-site and will be engaging with some of the wider events industry bodies to see where there are gaps and how we can build on these. One area we have highlighted is in providing access to all and we have some great ideas to welcome new audiences next year.

In terms of 2022 event delivery – how did it go? Was it stressful? What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

Through my wider network, I’ve heard some real horror stories about the events supply chain this year and I certainly wouldn’t want to have been delivering a year one event in 2022. With that said, we are incredibly lucky to have an amazing and established network of supply partners and contractors who play a huge part in delivering our festival each year. I’m pleased to report that we were able to source everything that we needed for the festival, and all were delivered on time and to an excellent standard.

With that said, there were certainly some real challenges in managing our budgets for this year with infrastructure costs, rising by around 30 per cent year on year. We managed to work around these increases by having honest conversations with our suppliers about their cost increases and working out where they were not operating at maximum efficiency. For example, Mar-key Group which provides some of our most- loved festival arenas chose to move away from the small clearspans on-site. This led to us working with Camelot and Chique Marquees, which delivered a host of smaller structures across the event site. Similarly, by working with local plant providers (Hire Access Platforms) and specialist buggy companies (OBH), we were able to mitigate increases in hire costs that were being seen when provisions were combined.

In 2021, we saw huge challenges in recruiting people in various areas across the event, most notably SIA security staff and hospitality team members. As such, we sought to split our requirements for 2022 across several local and regional suppliers to ensure that we had sufficient numbers in place. By working with Showsec, PPE Security, and B-Secured Security, for instance, we ensured that we had more than the required SIA staff across the event. This model of zoning your event site and staffing specific areas required more work up front but certainly provided resilience in the delivery of a safe event. We also worked alongside The Fair in ensuring that we had a security coordinator in place to supervise the various companies operating in this space.

What site developments did you implement this year?
Having made the most changes we have ever made in 2021, we thought it best to allow the festival a year to bed in those changes for 2022 and we’re incredibly pleased that we did. Bournemouth 7s Festival 2022 was the best-looking festival we have ever pulled off with more finishing and branding touches than we have ever been able to implement before. Visual Architects and A Different World both made a huge impact to some of our fantastic festival arenas whilst our team of in-house creatives and chippies created the backdrops to some truly inspirational moments.

Looking to 2023, what’s the plan?

We will take the summer to reflect, learn, and recover before planning starts in earnest later in the year. We have
some amazing ideas for new arenas, an enhanced VIP offering, and a new sport but, for now, I want my team to recover and reflect on the amazing festival they helped build in 2022.

Behind the scenes: Love Saves the Day

Tom Paine, festival director of Team Love's Love Saves the Day, reflects on 2022 and year one on a new site...

In November 2019, Team Love, promoter of Love Saves the Day, secured a new site and festival licence to host 39,999 festivalgoers at Ashton Court, Bristol, in 2021. The two-day festival was all set to host its last festival at its Eastville site in 2020 when COVID struck. As the pandemic lingered and restrictions curtailed events and festivals taking place, Team Love was forced to host Love Saves the Day 2021 on The Downs [September 4-5] – the move was purely a one-off. Team Love had bigger plans and was adamant that the show’s 10th anniversary would take place in its new intended home – Ashton Court – with a much larger audience.

“We chose to move site because, essentially, we had outgrown our Eastville location,” explained Tom Paine, Love Saves the Day’s festival director. “The council was keen for us to move. We had had three or four years of sold-out shows and with 22,000 people on site each day, egress had a big impact on the local residential area.

“At first, I was hesitant about moving to Ashton Court because of the legacy we had created and the feeling of community that we had but Ashton Court is stunning,” Paine commented. “It’s nice to be slightly out of Bristol and the site gives us the ability to create bigger festival structures and festival environments.”

Biblical downpour

Love Saves the Day 2022 took advantage of the Platinum Jubilee Weekend. Instead of taking place on May 28 and 29, and its usual May Bank Holiday slot, the two-day festival took place on June 2 and 3. It was an eventful weekend. Especially as torrential rain and thunderstorms caused Paine and his team to temporarily close festival bars and a stage with a leaking roof.

“We had an eventful 90 minutes,” said Paine. “The rest of the festival was amazing, and everything worked as we wanted but on Friday, as we hit capacity, at about 4.30 pm, there was biblical rain.

“When the rain came, it was unexpected and torrential. There was a forecast of showers but nothing as heavy and as constant as the two hours we all faced.

“Lots of people had turned up in festival gear but had not prepared for the rain.”

The downpour soaked some festivalgoers, who chose to leave the festival, causing a small egress issue. This was professionally handled by Judy Bec, event controller and head of ELT, Tom Solly, head of health and safety, and Chris Birkett, site manager. However, as Paine and his team now head into an event debrief, it’s an issue that will need some discussion for 2023.

Paine continued: “Love Saves the Day has been an outdoor open-air festival since its beginning 10 years ago. We have had some tents over the years, but we have always been predominantly outdoors and uncovered. Fundamentally, it would not be possible to provide cover for 30,000 people simultaneously during a biblical downpour without putting all the stages into tents and completely changing the whole identity of the festival – but we will look to provide more cover and shelter next year and to ensure that the site-wide response system is strengthened.”

Paine described the weather incident as an “eye-opener”. The Love Saves the Day team has previously managed rain and inclement weather during their event, but Paine wondered whether a brand new and “inexperienced” crowd, not used to attending festivals, were not prepared for rain and festival realities. Paine added: “I don’t want to start using big tops. I find them soulless. If we had a 2,000-capacity tent and 10,000 people trying to get in it, we’d have other problems. But there’s a good chance that we will need to prepare for rain and build shelter into our plans.”

Love Saves the Day Mike Massaro

Lessons learned

The bigger site and larger licence called for more infrastructure. Team Love contracted more toilets and bars and worked with its supply chain to create the new-look site. “The supply chain has been tricky,” said Paine. “There’s still a huge amount of scarcity in infrastructure. Usually, we would have one marquee provider for our bars and back of house structures, but this year we had three. And there were lots of bumps along the way. For example, with two months to go, we had to change the trackway supplier. They couldn’t supply us.”

Paine confirmed that prices have increased by 30 to 40 per cent but honest conversations with good people have helped Team Love to navigate the process.

When asked to reflect on year one at Ashton Court, Paine explained: “It was our first year on a new site and there were always going to be lessons to be learned. We’re going to tweak the site. It’s hard to see what the site is really like when you have a 2D map. There’s loads of space and we gave our customers loads of space and they appreciated that they could lie down and chill with their mates, but we might bring the fence line in a bit to make some of the site more intimate.”

Paine acknowledged that if Team Love wants to continue growing Love Saves the Day, then some aspects – such as egress – will need to be looked at.

He concluded: “It’s exciting to have year one under our belts and to look at year two. Looking at our shots of the main stage, it feels like we have stepped up a level. We are starting work now to ensure we do everything we can to improve the show at its new home for 2023.”

Images: Love Saves the Day/Mike Massaro

British Library tender

Marketing Cheshire: Event delivery

Budget: N/A

Deadline: 4pm on July 1


Info: Marketing Cheshire wishes to outsource the delivery of its Christmas market to an experienced supplier.

For full details, click here.

Running Industry Alliance confirms location for first Running Conference

The Running Industry Alliance (RIA) has confirmed that its inaugural “The Running Conference” will be held at Loughborough University, Leicestershire.

The members-only Running Conference takes place from September 11-13, 2022 and is capped at a maximum of 250 attendees for 2022 with members from the various sectors of the running industry including brands, retailers, distributors, events, media, communities, charities, service providers and more attending.

The theme of the conference is “Impactful Collaborations” with a focus on connecting, supporting, educating, sharing, amplifying, and growing.

Jonathan Midwood, RIA's co-lead, commented: “Running Industry Alliance is all about collectively assisting our members to drive the running industry forward to improve the sport and business of running. The Running Conference is built for RIA members to bring this to life at an in-person gathering. This will be a great way to connect with like-minded people in the Running Industry, share learnings and build upon key relationships.

“RIA will bring key decision-makers, industry professionals, knowledgeable leaders, and innovators into the same space at The Running Conference, along with industry developments, learnings and education, whilst actively encouraging face-to-face networking, idea generation, application and amazing co-support opportunities in a positive environment.”

Rebecca Richardson, also RIA co-lead, said: “We are excited to unveil Loughborough University as the location of RIA’s inaugural The Running Conference. The location is easily accessible, and we know that the alumni amongst our members are looking forward to spending some time on the campus again. Known for their outstanding contribution to the world of sport for over 60 years we can’t think of a better venue to be at together this September.

“The positivity and pace around The Running Conference is immense already, the content, the activities, the networking, the on-site initiatives showcasing RIA members along with new ways to work, engage, amplify and activate. There is a lot to announce and share, which we will be doing over the coming weeks.

“We all want to move forward after a difficult few years and what better way to approach and tackle ‘what next’ than by being in the one place where ‘impactful collaborations’ is the theme and ‘collective support and ultimately growth of the industry' the mission.”

Running Industry Alliance (RIA) is a National Trade Organisation built for the UK and Ireland running industry with the aim to collectively help its members to drive the running industry forward to improve the sport and business of running.

With a not-for-profit Membership structure and a not-for-profit members-only B2B (in person) The Running Conference, RIA brings together different sectors of the running industry with members from various sectors including brands, retailers, distributors, events, media, communities, charities, service providers and more.


Opportunity to host major events in Cardiff's Bute Park

Bute Park, in the heart of Cardiff city centre, has successfully hosted music festivals, flower shows, light trails, outdoor cinemas, virtual reality experiences, and animatronic dinosaurs. Now, an opportunity is available for an organiser to deliver a major event in the park for the next three years.

Julia Sas, manager of Bute Park, said: "We've been successfully bringing large-scale, commercial events to Bute Park for many years and we're keen to support the industry as it recovers from the pandemic and bring even more high-quality events to the park in the future.

"Cardiff has a reputation as a city of events, and with the beautiful backdrop of Cardiff Castle, surrounded by natural beauty but within touching distance of the city centre, Bute Park really is a unique event space within the city.

"This is the first time we've offered the chance for event organisers to enter into longer-term three-year hire agreements and we hope it will provide the organisations we work with, with greater levels of certainty, so they can plan more efficiently, and become part of the city's vibrant events calendar."

The park is now inviting expressions of interest in hiring the park as a major event venue in 2023 and beyond.

For more information, click here.

Event Photography Awards – open for entry

Following a virtual awards ceremony in 2020 and a pandemic-enforced pause in 2021, the Off To Work Event Photography Awards is now open for entry, with photographers encouraged to enter images captured during 2020 and 2021.

Both professional and amateur photographers can enter the competition. The deadline for entries is July 31 with the awards ceremony set to take place at No.4 Hamilton Place in Mayfair October 4.

Two new categories have been added to the competition. COVID Chronicles is a special one-off class which has already attracted evocative shots. The other is the classic photography genre Portraits.

Competition director, Graham Hill, commented: “Photography does so much to promote and sustain the events industry and as such we felt it was important not to wait until 2023 to relaunch the Event Photography Awards, especially as there have been some amazing images taken between lockdowns and at COVID-compliant events.

“With this in mind, we’ve organised a quick-fire double-year competition, hence the unusually short amount of time to submit event-related images. Encouragingly, past entrants are already uploading fabulous shots into a new system that also allows organisers and venues to enter photos on behalf of photographers that they have hired.”

Full list of Categories for EPA 2022

Behind The Scenes

Brand Activation & Experiential Events


Corporate Events and Conferences

Covid Chronicles

Cultural Events

Music Events


Private Events

Sporting Events

Trade Shows and Exhibitions



Best Amateur, Portfolio Award, Peoples’ Choice Award, Overall Winner