A spectacular collage unveiled at Touchwood Shopping Centre

Hollywood Monster, the leading wide format print specialist, has supplied and installed a nostalgic wrapping design to boards surrounding a construction project in Touchwood Shopping Centre.
Touchwood Shopping Centre, in Solihull, West Midlands, is converting two empty units into a single large unit for a “secret” upcoming retailer. With the help of Hollywood Monster and Jo Derviller from Imaginate, the team was tasked with creating an eye-catching display to tease the opening, whilst providing the coverage needed during the renovation.

Tony Elvin, General Manager at Touchwood Shopping Centre, conceived the idea of creating a large collage featuring famous shop fronts including iconic locations such as Central Perk from TV favourite ‘Friends’.

The captivating boarding, which is now available for all visitors at the Centre to see, was brought to life by Hollywood Monster. Engaging early in the process helped provide a detailed planning schedule and accurate costs. Hollywood Monster meticulously printed the final designs and expertly installed them onto the unit, crafting a stunning and attention-grabbing display.
Site tours and precise measurements were crucial to ensure accuracy, particularly given the large scale of the project. With significant creative input involved, the teams collaborated closely to fine-tune all aspects of the artwork, aiming for a visually stunning outcome.

In addition to its years of experience and expertise, Hollywood Monster also provided sustainable signage solutions across the project. Touchwood was pleased to learn about its sustainability commitment and that it was in line with the shopping centre's agenda. This shared focus on environmental responsibility further enhanced the collaboration between the two companies.
Lucy Burnett Marketing Manager from Touchwood Shopping Centre said; “Across the whole project, the team represented Hollywood Monster really well in terms of the quality and approach. We’re delighted with the outcome and we had absolute confidence in all parties to deliver the project.”

James Josephs Project Delivery Manager from Hollywood Monster had this to say about the project; “We were thrilled to work with Touchwood Shopping Centre and the results showcased how we succeeded in achieving an attention-grabbing piece that would leave an impact. We had to ensure accuracy for the intricate details of the design to stand out while providing a durable solution for the level of footfall in the shopping centre.”

The main goal was to create something captivating that would complement the Centre’s aesthetic. Rather than settling for mundane plain boarding that would otherwise go unnoticed, Hollywood Monster delivered boarding that engaged the public’s attention.

Please note: This is a promotional feature