Balloon creation of Titanic proportions

Balloons might be a common sight at birthday parties, but this creation from Qualatex and Worldwide Balloon Decor just goes to show how versatile they are.

This month, more than 14,000 balloons were fashioned into a 40-foot long model of the Titanic and suspended 20 feet in the air at Victoria Square Shopping Centre, Belfast, to commemorate 100 years since the great ship’s fateful maiden voyage.

This model was the work of world champion balloon artist, Fiona Fisher, Worldwide Balloon Décor, Sue Bowler, John Bowler and Angela Holland of Dublin Balloons and Sandra McKeon of Abfab Balloons in Dublin.

Made to the scale of 1:22, the model was made entirely of balloons and a light aluminium structure, and required much careful planning; the team considered everything including the light, temperature and wind flow inside the shopping complex when choosing which balloons to use and how to attach them together.

The Titanic experience has provided excellent publicity opportunities for Victoria Square Shopping Centre, which commissioned the project.

Qualatex, Worldwide Balloon Décor, WH Scott Lifting Ltd and the Balloon and Party Industry Alliance also sponsored the event.

Photo: Press Eye