Be In Your Element Events

Be In Your Element Events shines a light on workplace wellness

Be In Your Element Events launched its workplace wellness offerings in style at an event in London last week.

With 15  years’ experience running events for companies including Aston Martin, HPE and Red Bull, Be in Your Element Events is on a mission to help organisations, big and small, shine a light on their workplace wellbeing through tailored holistic experiences, workshops and breakout sessions for live, virtual, or hybrid events.

At the launch, prospective clients, the press, influencers, and guests were invited to explore their own wellness wonderland.

Throughout the evening attendees took part in a group EFT (emotional freedom technique) session to “tap out” feelings and emotions and help them feel more in their element. They also sampled yoga to live rap music, were invited to grab a paintbrush and get creative painting by numbers on humans, sampled at the Mindful Drinking Bar delicious non-alcoholic cocktails, based on the four elements, and tried breathwork to the beats of a live DJ.

At the end of the night, attendees were invited to come together and raise their hands if they felt like the evening had helped them shine their inner light. They were met with a surprise as the lights dimmed and it was revealed that their wristbands, the wellness wall they had been graffitiing, the paint by numbers and festival face painting all glowed under UV light.

Event sponsors included The Coconut Collab, JOMO Club and Silent Noize Events.

Lucy Eden, founder of Be In Your Element, said: “With over 42 per cent of respondents to the CIPD Health and Wellbeing at Work Report 2021 ‘extremely concerned’ about the impact of the pandemic on employees’ mental health, organisations are reflecting on how they can support their teams more than ever. I am excited that we can offer workplace wellness solutions with a twist for those that want to think outside the box and help employees shine their inner light.”