Bridge Creative launch Do You See Me? We See You! campaign

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Bridge Creative is thrilled to announce the launch of our ‘Do You See Me? We See You!’ campaign in celebration of Learning Disability Week 2024. This year’s theme, ‘Do You See Me?’, aims to raise awareness and inspire the events industry to champion inclusivity by creating paid employment opportunities for adults with learning disabilities and autistic adults.
The team at Bridge Creative is dedicated to encouraging inclusive workplaces within the events industry, providing staff for events who each have a learning disability and/or are autistic, enabling them to gain real paid jobs in the industry. Their support extends beyond job placement, ensuring that each individual has the resources and assistance they need to flourish in their roles with successful partnerships with Emergency Exit Arts, Festival Republic, and We Out Here Festival.

Join the ‘We See You’ Campaign
Bridge Creative is calling on businesses in the events industry to get behind the ‘We See You’ campaign by making a pledge. By doing so, you are demonstrating your commitment to thinking differently about employing people with learning disabilities.
To support the campaign, businesses can share our ‘Do You See Me?’ video or post on social media with the hashtag #WeSeeYou, and commit to making real changes in your workplace that benefit people with a learning disability and autistic people.
So far, Tough Mudder, Attitude Is Everything, Reed, StandOut Magazine, UK Crowd Management Association, Emergency Exit Arts, and others have signed up to support the campaign.

Real-Life Impact
Employing individuals with learning disabilities not only promotes diversity but also brings tangible benefits to the workplace. For example, one of our staff members, known for his infectious smile, made the festival experience especially enjoyable for customers. His motivation and enthusiasm inspired others in the operations team and his curiosity and willingness to learn posed questions to the team, prompting them to reconsider their methods and realise, “yeah, why are we doing it that way?” This fresh perspective led to improved processes and a more cohesive team dynamic.
Ben Tinkler, Managing Director at Bridge Creative said ‘there’s so much value that people with a learning disability can bring to a workplace if employers give people a chance. There are a lot of misconceptions about people with a learning disability and that’s what this campaign is trying to change – people truly want to work and can work, they just need that opportunity to succeed. I manage and work alongside staff who have a learning disability and they’re the most motivated, proud, and enthusiastic team members I know!’

How to Get Involved
1. Make a ‘We See You’ Pledge – Show your commitment to inclusivity by pledging to think differently about employing people with learning disabilities.
2. Share the ‘Do You See Me?’ Video – Help us spread the message by sharing our video on your social media platforms – premiering at 10am on Monday 17th June on Bridge Creative’s Facebook page –
3. Post with #WeSeeYou – Use the hashtag to join the conversation and show your support.
By supporting the ‘We See You’ campaign, your company will become visible to people with learning disabilities and autism who may be interested in working with you. Together, we can create a more inclusive and diverse events industry.