Bucks County Council backs motion for Paralympic Flame lighting ceremony

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Buckinghamshire councillors have unanimously backed a proposal that would see the Paralympic flame lit at Stoke Mandeville stadium for each summer and winter Paralympic Games.

At a Buckinghamshire County Council meeting, MPs Mary Baldwin and Carl Etholen put forward a motion to urge Government to recognise the importance of Stoke Mandeville as the birthplace of the Paralympic Games.

The cross-party notice read: “Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Stadium in Buckinghamshire is widely recognised as the birthplace of the Paralympic Games in the same way as Athens is recognised as the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

“Holding the lighting ceremony every two years at the birthplace of the Paralympics would commemorate the special roots of the games in the rehabilitation of the injured, and recognise the pioneering work started by Dr Ludwig Guttmann.

“This council urges the Government to recognise the special status of Stoke Mandeville and ask the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to light the Paralympic torch for both the summer and Wwnter Paralympic Games at the stadium”

The council wishes the flame to be lit at the Buckinghamshire site every two years to mark both the winter and summer Paralympic Games.

Councilors agreed the motion which shall know be presented to the Government. It is hoped it will contact  the IPC and suggest that Stoke Mandeville be formerly recognised.

Carl Etholen MP said: “I believe that because of the success of the Paralympic Games that Buckinghamshire has been put on the global map and has changed peoples perceptions of people with disabilities.”