Carat delivers Santander roadshow

Carat Live has created a 123 Current Account Roadshow for Santander to promote the launch of its latest financial product. Carat’s experiential activity is part of a wider advertising and marketing campaign that will see consumers engaged and educated as they stop at any one of 35 events taking place over the next four days.

The roadshow began on Monday and is visiting 12 cities in total – train stations, shopping malls and city centre locations are hosting the roadshow, which comprises two branded buses and six installations.

Branded event staff are giving consumers and commuters Oyster cards, credit card wallets, umbrellas and leaflets, and Santander staff are also on hand to answer any specific questions in relation to Santander financial products.

Paul Hicks, head of brand experience and events, Carat Sponsorship, comments: “Financial institutions have been coming under a lot of scrutiny over the last few years, however, this new 123 Current Account product truly addresses that, rewarding consumers for spending and for saving. Being able to put your name to helping launch such innovation is fantastic.”