Coldplay drive social media use with wristband technology

Flashing wristbands, illuminated inflatables, giant balloons, fireworks, lasers and branded confetti greeted Coldplay fans at Ricoh Arena this week, as the four-piece hit the road and began the UK leg of their tour on Tuesday night.

The audience in Coventry was treat to a multi-coloured spectacle complete with branded, flashing wristbands from Xylobands.

The radio-controlled wristbands, which light up and flash using LED technology, are being used by the band as a social media mechanic. The wristband features a printed strap that drives fans to Twitter and carries the hashtag #coldplayfilm, encouraging fans to upload their images and video from the concert.

The wristbands have taken the audience by storm – a sea of multi-coloured lights flash in time to the music and are wowing the crowd, as the band perform hit after hit on a Stageco stage.

XL Video and Airtechs are also currently touring with the British group, supplying kit, as they continue with performances in London, Sunderland and Manchester.