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Cornucopia Events Mini Vohra on organising a $30m event for Alicia Keys

The re-launch of Alicia Keys’ public image was orchestrated by Mini Vohra, managing director of Cornucopia Events. Here, Evelyn Sinclair, event manager at Cornucopia Events, unveils the strategies that culminated in this $30 million event for Iconsiam, Thailand…

The genesis of the event

Every event begins with a clear vision and purpose. In the case of the Alicia Keys re-launch, Cornucopia Events’s Mini Vohra, managing director, laid the foundation by meticulously mapping out objectives, desired outcomes, and key messaging. Understanding the client’s aspirations was paramount, enabling the team to craft an event that resonated with the artist’s journey and growth, while also resonating with her fans.

Behind the scenes

Behind the seamless exterior of the event lay countless hours of logistical planning and coordination by Cornucopia Events. The team worked tirelessly to secure the perfect venue, considering factors like capacity, ambience, and accessibility. Collaborating with various stakeholders, including vendors, sponsors, and technical crews, was a delicate dance, ensuring that each element contributed to the event’s overall success.


In today’s tech-savvy world, staying ahead of the curve is vital. Recognising this, Cornucopia Events adopted cutting-edge technologies to improve the guest’s experience. Cutting-edge lighting, sound, and visual effects were harmoniously integrated to create an immersive environment that resonated with the event’s theme. A great eye for detail and expertise in technology were required to ensure seamless transitions and maintain a suitable ambience.

Navigating challenges
Event management is never without its challenges. From unforeseen weather changes to last-minute adjustments in schedules, the Cornucopia Events team demonstrated agility and adaptability. Backup plans were meticulously crafted, ready to be executed at a moment’s notice. This ability to remain composed in the face of uncertainties is a hallmark of effective event management.

Cornucopia Events put considerable thought into every detail of the event, from guest arrival experiences to post-event engagements. A well-designed registration process streamlined check-ins, minimising waiting times for attendees. The choice of refreshments and seating arrangements was carefully curated to ensure comfort and engagement. These seemingly small details contribute to a holistic and memorable event experience.

From the initial concept to the final execution, the event showcased strategic planning, meticulous execution, technical innovations, and an unwavering commitment to creating unforgettable experiences. It’s through the lens of these behind-the-scenes operations that we, as event organisers, can draw inspiration and wisdom to elevate our events to unparalleled heights.