Corporate Events launch AV product for new set designs

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Corporate Events has introduced an inexpensive product to the audio visual production market – the Perspex tubes, which contain LED colour changing fixtures, offer organisers and end users with a budget-friendly set design option.

Andy Ashley, managing director, Corporate Events, said: “Having seen hundreds of productions and Park Lane award shows where starcloth is used to death, it’s really exciting to be able to go back to our clients with a viable and creative solution that addresses the twin issues of ‘I want something different’ along side ‘I have less to spend this year’. We are proud to have created our own unique creative events solution that we can offer to our clients, safe in the knowledge that it’s the first time anyone will have seen anything like it.”

The tube set can be programmed to change colours on demand or to provide an effective sound to light response to music. Depending on the requirements this makes the tube set extremely flexible for presentations and stage sets of all types.