Glastonbury credit image James Genchi

Glastonbury long-term future secured as council grants permanent planning permission

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Mendip District Council has granted Glastonbury Festival Events Ltd planning permission, securing the festival’s long-term future. As reported in Somerset Live, councillors at a planning meeting granted the festival permanent planning permission, providing the event with more certainty and flexibility.

Since 2010, Glastonbury Festival Events Ltd has held the event at Worthy Farm based on rolling temporary planning permission. This planning permission was due to end in 2024.

The new planning permission allows Glastonbury, Pilton Party, and camping events – which take place during the festival’s fallow years – to take place.

Furthermore, the permission also allows the “permanent regularisation” of the festival’s famous Pyramid Stage, and the allocation of land to accommodate the festival’s temporary workforce.

Image: James Genchi