Creamfields to spend £500k on site improvements

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CreamfieldsThe organisers of Creamfields are to spend £500,000 on a number of major improvements to the festival site at Daresbury to assure that they avoid abandoning the event due to wet weather, which happened at the 2012 event – the money is to be spent on improving key areas of the site, including the field drainage systems; investment into additional trackways and a series of new bridges across fields.

The investment into drainage will include strengthening of the existing drainage solutions on site along with 2,500 metres of new drainage, which has been designed and developed by a specialist drainage consultant. This will ensure that the land is well equipped to handle rainfall from now, up until and during the show.

One thousand five hundred metres of new trackway will be laid on site also, and there will be considerable investment made into the construction of new bridges across areas with particularly heavy footfall, ensuring improved access for campers travelling between the campsites and the arena sites.

In the event of wet weather issues again this year, a revised contingency plan has also been put in place to ensure improved communication. This includes additional investment into a new tannoy system and information screens on all campsites to ensure important messages from the event management team are communicated directly to campers.

A number of arenas that were deemed unfit for use as a result of last year’s bad weather will also be moved to higher areas within the current arena site.