CTS Eventim, Love Supreme, Vivendi

CTS Eventim to buy Vivendi’s festival and ticketing businesses, incl Love Supreme and See Tickets

CTS EVENTIM has agreed to acquire Vivendi’s festival and international ticketing activities, which include See Tickets, Love Supreme, Junction 2, and Kite Festival.

See Tickets is a major player in the industry: As the number two ticketing provider in the UK, it provides ticketing services for concerts, trade fairs, sporting events and more. In addition to the UK, the business that CTS EVENTIM is set to acquire also operates in seven other countries in Europe (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland), and in the US. Globally, See Tickets sold about 44 million tickets in 2023.

Vivendi’s ticketing and festival activities that CTS EVENTIM is set to acquire collectively produced €137 million in revenues in 2023. The ticketing business generated roughly €105 million of that, with the UK market responsible for the largest share, followed by its US market. The festival business that is part of the current deal generated an additional €32 million.

Hala Bavière, CEO of Vivendi Village and member of the executive committee of Vivendi, said:  “I am proud of what has been accomplished over more than a decade and extremely grateful for the strong dedication of all the teams involved. We at Vivendi are convinced that CTS EVENTIM will be the right company to bring our ticketing and festival activities to new heights, supporting See Tickets to remain a state-of-the-art company in services and technology, while fostering the growth of the festivals and preserving their unique identities and audience.”

Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, CEO of CTS EVENTIM, said: “With See Tickets and its festival operations, Vivendi has established two notable players in the ticketing and live entertainment sector. I’d like to thank Vivendi for the productive negotiations, which have created a strong foundation for success in an industry enjoying robust growth across Europe. The acquisition supports our internationalization strategy and will also benefit artists and their managers, as we will be able to offer even more seamless services on a global scale. We look forward to collaborating with our new colleagues on shaping the future of live entertainment.”

The transaction will ensure maximum continuity for staff, partners, the festivals themselves and the regions where they are held. Both See Tickets and the festival business will retain their existing identities and management.