Splendour Festival

DHP Family’s Splendour Festival set to return in five-year deal

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Nottingham City Council’s Commissioning and Procurement Executive Committee is preparing to decide on the future of Splendour Festival.

On June 11, the committee will meet and discuss a five-year concession contract, which will see DHP Family deliver Splendour Festival at Wollaton Park from 2025 until 2029.

In January, DHP Family, the organiser of Splendour Festival, announced that the festival would take a break in 2024.

In May 2023, Nottingham City Council initiated a festival tender process for Wollaton Park, the location for the two-day event. However, the tender process encountered numerous delays. These delays meant there was not enough time to organise the festival. DHP Family was forced to announce its postponement.

Now, the council has revised the original contract to cover the period 2025-2029 and on June 11, the council is expected to rubber-stamp an agreement valued at £11,788,000.

Built into the contract specification is the need for Splendour Festival to deliver social value for the residents of Nottingham. DHP Family must programme local artists, use local suppliers (where possible) increase local employment and make Splendour a destination event.

The council has stated: “This is a popular attraction as part of Nottingham’s annual events and entertainment programme and has created positive recognition, economic and social benefit for the city. This would be lost or put at risk if these were discontinued. The cancellation of the event in 2024 has already seen a detrimental reputational impact on the city alongside a loss of income to the council.”