Drone light show business, Celestial, creates drone show for major Samsung launch

Celestial, global pioneers in drone light show technology, this week used the magic of drones, bringing creativity and tech together, to celebrate the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 mobile phone.

Using 552 drones to create a spectacle overlooking the River Thames, Celestial partnered with agencies Taylor Herring and St Mark’s Studios to bring the Samsung product’s launch to life in a new and captivating way, transporting audiences out of this world. In keeping with the Galaxy theme, the drone animations lit up the night sky with mesmerising objects from our solar system and beyond.

Working with Taylor Herring’s creative concept, Celestial led the charge on bringing the idea to life, working closely with clients to ensure their visions for the drone light show were realised. Celestial, in addition to being fitting by name to the Galaxy launch, was selected for its track record in delivering drone light shows for a host of global brands.

Commenting on the project, Tony Martin, co-founder and CEO at Celestial, said, “It’s exciting to work with Taylor Herring, St Mark’s Studios and Samsung to showcase the pinnacle of mobile technology by using the pinnacle of advanced entertainment technologies – Celestial’s drones! We look forward to audiences in London and beyond enjoying the spectacle and to the possibilities of future projects with such amazing clients”.

Liam Simpson, Head of Production at St Marks Studios, said, “It was great to work with Celestial to bring the creative vision to life in a way that astounded those viewing the show on the ground. The knowledge and expertise of the Celestial team allowed us to deliver this project and bring Samsung’s new Galaxy AI technology to life in a spectacular way.”

For more information on visit www.celestial.show.

Watch the video here

About Celestial:
Celestial has a reputation as one of the top drone show companies in the world, consistently delivering super-premium and award-winning designs for some of the biggest brands, including Eurovision, The Secret Garden Party, Prime Video, London New Year’s Eve and many more.
Celestial is a collective of animators, film makers, producers and tech wizards with a passion for innovative storytelling. It offers full-service drone light show design and production, creating visually immersive experiences using cutting-edge technology. This, combined with Celestial’s unique ability to collaborate with a long list of globally recognised talent, represents a new frontier in the live event industry.
Celestial is founded on strong ethical values that strike a balance between people, the planet and profit. The company believes that drone art has enormous potential as a force for good in the world.

While bringing the stars to life in the form of show-stopping digital art, Celestial also offers a safe and carbon-neutral alternative to traditional fireworks.

Please note: This is a promotional feature