Emily Ibbotson: Great Britain’s Games

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London 2012 is not just a Games for our capital city, explains Emily Ibbotson, event manager, Dome Event Management, and National Outdoor Events Association member


London 2012; the title suggests that the Olympic Games are restricted only to our capital city, however this is something I totally disagree with.

Of course, as a supporter of the Olympics, I am completely biased and have loved the idea of having them in our country since it was announced. I know I am not alone.

We have heard the spiel about the Games being good for the economy, a good advertisement for tourism; both of which I’m sure are true, but what about community? Is the whole country excited?

There will always be those against the Games, but only this week I have been out on the streets of Buxton, where the Olympic torch will arrive on June 29. I handed out leaflets to the general public to get the message out that the torch is coming. I didn’t have one person pass any negative comment. On the contrary, people were approaching me to take the leaflets – I’ve run out! People seem genuinely delighted that the torch is coming to their town.

Tamworth, host to the torch on June 30, follows the same pattern, and it appears that as the torch relay progresses enthusiasm for its arrival builds. This is evident with BBC news coverage, and daily reports I receive from host towns, all of whom had a greater turn out than expected.

In my opinion, the torch relay was a great move to involve the rest of the country, and exactly what was needed to make those outside London part of the Games. Our athletes come from all over Great Britain, not just London, so support your local star!

Still not convinced? With the Jubilee and Euro 2012 in the same year as the Olympic Games, how can you honestly resist getting swept away with the patriotism and pageantry of 2012? Just go with it…