EPS and Total Swimming launch temporary swimming pools for events

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EPS and Total Swimming have joined forces to launch a range of temporary swimming pools to the events industry. The temporary swimming pools are heated, available for sale or hire and are available in two sizes – 12m x 6m and 18m x 6m.

The pools are supplied as steel tank demountable items with all of the support facilities. To date the temporary swimming pools have been installed indoors, outdoors and with a separate marquee structure.

In 2011, EPS and Total Swimming supplied the British Gas Big Dip, which took place on Clapham Common, London, over six weeks during July and August.

Total Swimming’s chief executive, Steve Parry said: “EPS provided the ideal flooring solutions for this event and with its knowledge of the events industry it was a simple decision to make, one which will develop Total Swimming’s philosophy of revolutionising swimming with our mobile pool programmes alongside the knowledge and skills that EPS can offer.”