ER Productions breaks world record for largest laser show

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ER Productions has achieved the Guinness World Records title for the largest laser show with a display at Live Design International (LDI) in Las Vegas.

ER Productions held the 30-minute laser showcase that incorporated 314 individual laser fixtures. 

More than 13 U.S. tons (12 UK tonnes) of equipment – including 11 kilometres of cable – was used during the show, which was held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Due to its proximity to the McCarran International Airport, a 100m x 15m termination wall was erected to ensure that no lasers affected aircraft using the airport. During the final and crucial seven-minute closing sequence, 1,377 watts of laser power lit up the Nevada skyline.

The laser show took 72 hours to set up for the world record attempt. Laser fixtures from ER Productions US base in Las Vegas were used to beat the unofficial world-record set by the company back in 2016.