Event and budget growth forecast in Middle East

Event buyers and organisers in the Middle East are looking at increasing the number of events they organise, and their budgets. New figures from the latest Global Meetings Industry Research report for the Gulf, Middle East and North African indicate that 48.2 percent of Middle East buyers and 47.2 percent of Global buyers said that they organised more events in the last 12 months as compared with the previous year. Almost 65 per cent and 56.4 per cent respectively said that they are even looking at further increasing that volume. Supporting such an increase in the volume of events are 53.7 per cent of Middle East buyers and another 46.4 per cent of Global buyers indicating an increase in their budgets in the next 12 months.

According to the findings revealed at GIBTM, Abu Dhabi and Dubai continue to top the list of countries that both Middle East and Global buyers hold events. Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, Jordan, India, and Malaysia have also been popular with buyers in the last year, and in the next 12 months, growth is predicted for India, Thailand, Bangladesh, France, UK aand Japan, as Middle East buyers continue to show an interest.