Eventia: Stay one step ahead

Do you have a creative core? Simon Hughes, vice chair of Eventia, and director of live events, COI, urges industry to get creative…

One of the single biggest drivers of economic growth in these turbulent times is to be found in the creative industries. In 2008 the creative industry made up 7.3 per cent of the British economy and was growing twice as fast as other sectors. A government report from the DCMS identified the need for new talent to be ready for a new economy, an economy based on developing creative solutions and products and bringing them to the market. But what’s this got to do with us in the world of live events?

Well, when you spend time with people that work in our industry, you pretty quickly get a sense of the passion and commitment that they bring to their work. Whether it’s a venue, an exhibition organiser, an agency or a corporate planner – they all share a common bond of dedication to their work and eager to learn more in order to improve what they do.

I would argue that these very qualities are the hallmarks of creative behaviour and that everyone working in the live events world (in all it’s many manifestations) should remember that turning new ideas into reality is one way of defining creativity. How often do we hear people in our industry talk about pushing the boundaries or coming up with new ways of doing things more cost effectively and efficiently? We all do it all of the time – and if we’re not we should be.

From festivals to concerts, conferences to team building events, exhibitions to experiential and brand activation, we work in an industry that should position itself at the very core of the creative industries sector.

The DNA of what we do – generating fresh solutions for our clients, creating new products and services that incorporate the latest technologies, making connections and things happen – this is part of the intellectual capital that gives us all our competitive edge and distinctly creative character.

Just look at that old powerhouse of creativity – the record industry. Did they see radical changes coming at them and then embrace them with new and novel solutions?

So, lesson learnt – even when times are tough don’t forget, get creative and you’ll stay ahead.