#EventProf of the week: Laura Rosinska, Event Exec

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Each week we will focus on a StandOut individual who has been extraordinary within the events industry. This week it is Laura Rosinska, chief executive officer at Event Exec. Laura was nominated as #EventProf of the week by Maxwell Fenton, one of our previous nominations!

How did you get into the events industry? Where has your career taken you and what roles have you enjoyed?

I started working in events 25 years ago when I worked briefly for a small local agency. It was during my time here that I got the bug for this world and loved everything about it – the people, creativity, and sheer joy that delivering customer experience brings.

My next big step was working for the luxury sporting estate, Goodwood. I stayed there for eight years and looked after sales, logistics and hospitality for the major motorsport and horse racing events, including Festival of Speed, Revival, and the Qatar Festival.

At Goodwood, I learnt so much about excellence, attention to detail and how to facilitate luxury customer service and seamless event experiences.

Another aspect of my role was to manage our event agency accounts, and this is what ultimately opened my eyes to a whole world of opportunity within the sports and music hospitality industry from an agency perspective.

Not long afterwards, in 2015, I left my job at Goodwood and Event Exec was born!

What is it about your job that you love doing?

The once-in-a-lifetime moments we provide for our clients by sourcing the best seats and most exclusive packages which have the power to transform event experiences into unforgettable memories. And it works! The ROI our clients receive from entertaining their guests, for whatever reason, is amazing!

What’s been the standout moment of your career so far?

This last year (May 2023 – April 2024) has been the most exciting for me so far. Event Exec has grown from a relatively small business with a few sub-contractors to a high-performing, passionate, and engaged team of seven, all motivated by the same thing: Delivering exceptional client service while enjoying the journey.

What’s been your biggest achievement? Equally, what have you done that you can now look back on and be super proud of due to its challenges?

To grow my business so it can reach its potential, I need to identify where the opportunities are. I knew that I needed to work on myself in order to make incredible things happen. So, I’ve undergone a life-changing journey of self-development and I strive to improve myself every single day. Now my business and team can grow with me, and it’s an exciting journey to be on together!

I am also very proud of the fact that the business survived the pandemic. On the first day of lockdown, I went straight into work as a private COVID site manager, trained as a COVID nurse and then trained to train others. I loved being able to acquire more than 10 site manager jobs for my close agency colleagues.  We all had a great purpose and an income while events were on pause.

Then, thankfully, once COVID was over, the events industry started booming again and I picked up Event Exec where we left off. I haven’t looked back since! We have had the best financial results ever.

What key pieces of advice would you give to someone starting in events?

Meditate. Stay calm. Stay positive. Mindset is everything. Events is a challenging world, so it’s important to be authentically passionate about the industry. Stay in integrity and be at your best in service, and kind to people at all times. Ask yourself daily: “How can I add value?”

What career goals do you have and where do you see yourself heading? For example, is there an event that you would love to work on but haven’t?
My focus is on growing the team and the business. I also love to mentor new talent coming into the industry. But ultimately, it’s about making more and more people happy through what we do!

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