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Evolution Dome’s commitment to sustainability continues in 2023

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As part of Evolution Dome’s ongoing commitment to sustainable events, the inflatable structures specialist has announced an investment of £30,000 towards the development of its solar and storage capabilities – expanding upon previous developments.

In 2022, Evolution Dome teamed up with Devon-based solar energy specialists, Callidus, to develop a new battery for its inflatable structures. Charged via solar cells or traditional generators, the SPB-6500 battery packs were able to power the structures for 14 hours, greatly reducing generator usage times.

The new solar and storage capabilities developed with Callidus will allow Evolution Dome’s structures to work off-grid and without generators for up to 21 hours. This will help reduce carbon emissions, costs, and noise pollution, increasing event organisers’ ability to provide comfortable, modular, weatherproof, temporary structures in almost every setting, regardless of power availability on-site.

Ash Austin, director of Evolution Dome, said: “We made great progress in 2022 in reducing our carbon footprint but knew we could do much more. The is a free-standing unit that is easy to transport and requires no mains power to run.”

Austin concluded: “With a goal to reach net zero by 2030 or even 2025, investing in renewable power solutions is essential to Evolution Dome’s future offerings. Our new solar and storage capabilities are a more sustainable option for our customers and will deliver lower carbon emissions, cost savings on fuel and energy, and lower dependency on mains power and noisy generators.”

March 2023 will see Evolution Dome continue to invest further in sustainable solutions, installing solar panels at the office and warehouse, and introducing electric vehicles.