An Evolution Dome structure at RecFest

Evolution Dome’s inflatable structures take centre stage at RecFest 2023

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Evolution Dome, an inflatable structures provider, has deployed seven inflatable structures at RecFest 2023, the recruitment festival organised by The Recruitment Events Co. Evolution Dome’s structures played a vital role in creating an impressive visual and functional environment for event attendees at Knebworth Park.

The Evolution Dome team installed all the structures within a single day. This rapid deployment and the equally swift de-rig saved the event organiser a substantial amount of time building the festival, allowing it to focus on other crucial aspects of event preparation.

Evolution Dome provided seven of RecFest’s nine stages required for the event.

Ash Austin, director of Evolution Dome, said: “The Recruitment Events Co selected a range of our inflatable structures to enhance the festival’s infrastructure. At RecFest 2023, the team deployed a 24m dome with a footprint of 380 square metres and a capacity of 700 standing and 380 seated, two 20m domes with a footprint of 240 square metres each, a 20m cube covering 324 square metres, a 15m cube with a 185 square metre footprint, an ESP 2400 – Inflatable Stage Cover for the events main stage and, lastly an 11m Airoof.

“Time was a key factor for this organiser,” Austin added. “Our Air Beam system meant we could install seven sizeable structures in a single day, which was a great help in keeping build and derig times to a minimum.”