Evolution Dome US

Evolution Dome US provides inflatable domes for Roc Holiday Village’s 5th anniversary event

Five Star Bank’s City of Rochester Roc Holiday Village is in full swing, with families gathering at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Park in Rochester, New York for the event’s fifth anniversary. Evolution Dome US is once again providing temporary structures for the event, which runs until December 23, 2023.

Evolution Dome US is providing its eight and 10-metre inflatable domes, which are being used to create the event’s highly popular Winter Igloo Inns.

Roc Holiday Village 2022 saw attendance at an all-time high, welcoming 140,000 visitors over 15 days. To accommodate the demand, its footprint was increased by 15 per cent to allow for more vendors and activities.

With a high turnout anticipated for the anniversary event, additional changes have been made to accommodate demand, including an increase to 17 days and the return of visitor favourite features. An additional 8m Evolution Dome Igloo Inn has been added to the ice rink, with the addition of a private deck, fire pit, and package add-ons.

Brandon Hyman, US sales manager at Evolution Dome US, said: “We are always thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside the Roc Holiday Holiday Village team. The event has been carefully crafted with visitor experience at its heart, and it really shows.

“Not only do our structures’ unique aesthetics help build on the winter wonderland theme, but they also offer practical benefits. Our structures’ soundproofing and insulation properties allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the cheery, festive atmosphere without disruption from outside activity or the cold.”

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