Father Christmas on the M25, Celestial drone show

Father Christmas surprises drivers on M25, thanks to Celestial

Those stuck in busy Christmas Eve M25 traffic as they drive home just in time for Christmas were treated to the sight of Father Christmas as he began his delivery duties led by his faithful reindeer. 

Celestial, a drone art display show company, created a festive drone animation of Father Christmas flying over the M25 to spread Christmas Eve magic. Using state-of-the-art technology, Celestial digitally displayed Santa and his sleigh using drones.  

As the demand for immersive and innovative entertainment experiences continues to grow, Celestial’s stunt sets a new standard for Christmas festivities and what can be possible through drone technology.  

Tony Martin, CEO at Celestial, said: “At Celestial, we believe in creating experiences that defy expectations and leave a lasting impact. Our Christmas Eve drone animation is a testament to the endless possibilities that technology and creativity can unlock, with a touch of Christmas magic for families to enjoy.”