Festivall Services is leaping into a new era this year

Since the bounceback after COVID, Festivall Services has offered temporary staffing solutions to a variety of events all year round – namely festivals and festive events. Despite their continued growth, they have managed to uphold their high welfare standards, with their offer of the living wage – for which they are accredited – and fair breaks exceeding employment legislation expectations. Their dedication to sustainability, including planting a tree for each employee or freelancer per season, has attracted staff and clients alike who share their values; from this, they have successfully formed partnerships and solidified their place within the events industry.

As they enter 2024, Festivall has grown its client and staff database to a level where they can offer high-quality staff for all kinds of events. As the company grows and expands into new areas of the events industry, it is only fitting that they grow with it. While they continue to focus on festivals and festive events, they also want to build their network of event professionals to work conferences, concerts, sporting events, and – quite simply – all sorts of occasions. As a result, they waited until 29th February to announce that Festivall Services has become The Occasionall Group – launching the new brand on Day 2 of The Event Production Show.

Managing Director Josh Heyburn said, “It’s so exciting to be back at The Event Production Show a year on from our first-ever exhibit under our new identity – which encompasses who we are and who we aspire to be. After months of telling people we do so much more than festivals, we can now demonstrate that under this new brand – and have a very exciting year ahead of us.”

The new identity was established through conversation and collaboration with Electric Cat Productions; a marketing agency specialising in the events industry. “We were thrilled to support our long-term friends at Festivall in bringing their creative vision to life. It is so exciting to deliver a rebrand that is fun, eye-catching, and bound to make a strong impact.” said Director, Cat Kevern.

Later this year the group will launch Occasionall Staff to go alongside their existing agency Festivall Staff, giving clients the option to hire from either branch to offer a workforce with fitting experience suited for all their specific wants or needs.

Please note: This is a promotional feature