Fiat and Tebays Events choose Stoneleigh Park for Panda launch

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FiatFiat launched its Panda 4 x 4 with an event held at Stoneleigh Park. The Panda 4 x 4, which is a successor to the best seller that first appeared 29 years ago, was launched alongside a presentation in the venue’s Royal Pavilion followed by off-road test drives.

Forty members of the trade and national press gathered at Warwickshire-based events and conference venue. Taking place across a three-day period, the launch of the Panda 4 x 4 saw attendees being driven around Stoneleigh Park’s specially adapted 4 x4 off-track course by professional drivers, before being allowed to take to the wheel themselves.

Guests were treated to a rolling buffet throughout the day, and event staff made the most of the on-site accommodation, staying at Stoneleigh Park’s Lodge.

Helena Pettit, chairman at Stoneleigh Park, said: “We are delighted that Fiat chose to hold their re-launch of the classic Panda at our venue. They made excellent use of both the historic Royal Pavilion as well as our outdoor track. Needless to say, the valeting marquee was put to excellent use, with the 10 test driven cars becoming covered in mud as they whizzed around. But it was great that the snow that descended on Stoneleigh only enhanced the launch, rather than impeded it!”

Tess Roscoe, director at Tebays Events, which organised the event on behalf of Fiat,  said: “Stoneleigh Park proved to be an excellent venue at which to launch the new Panda 4 x 4. We were able to adapt its on-site track to showcase the Panda’s versatility and capacity for off-roading, and it was great that we were able to use the unexpected snowfall to our advantage. The on-site accommodation meant that we could house the crew at Stoneleigh for the duration of the launch, and the Royal Pavilion provided comfortable and impressive surroundings in which to entertain our media representatives.”