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First Mats: Keeping events running smoothly with cable protectors

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With almost all restrictions now lifted following the pandemic, people are once again returning to indoor and outdoor events in great numbers. However, trailing electrical cables can pose a serious trip hazard, especially in crowded outdoor areas. It’s a risk that should be taken seriously, too, as costs for personal injury claims can quickly run into the tens of thousands. That’s why safety matting specialists First Mats has extended its range of cable protectors with new outdoor suitable versions.

“Events can be great fun,” says Richard O’Connor, director of First Mats. “But they can also be dangerous if not managed properly, and liability often falls to the event organisers if an accident happens.”

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) even has a dedicated area on its website to help organisers know how to plan and manage their events safely. A big part of this is to carry out a risk assessment, whereby possible risks are identified, and action is taken to limit the chances of anything going wrong.

Cable protectors are already a common sight at outdoor events, but not all protectors are created equal. The most commonly used materials are PVC and rubber. Both can typically be used outdoors, but First Mats has recently added new cable ramps made from hardened rubber with a polypropylene lid. Not only does this design make laying cables incredibly easy, but they can also withstand vehicle weights of up to two tonnes per axle, making them ideal for outdoor events or public spaces. In addition, the hardened rubber cable ramps reduce the risk of someone tripping over a cable and protect the cable from being damaged by foot traffic.

Each of the new cable protectors contains two channels to support cables up to 32mm in diameter and measuring 970mm in length (1000mm with the connecting lugs included)

Using cable protectors, event organisers can help create a safe environment for both people and equipment.

To view the range of cable protectors, visit the first mats website:

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