First Sight Media appoints new BDM

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Video production and streaming specialist, First Sight Media, has appointed Phil Platt to the position of business development manager with immediate effect.

Platt has over ten years on-the-ground technical experience as part of the production department at First Sight Media as well as a BA in Film Studies and Film and Cinema Technology. He is uniquely positioned for the role with outstanding knowledge of all aspects of production in film and video, including streaming, videography, event and virtual event production.

Platt explains, “I have always believed that having a technical person involved in the sales process from the outset would allow customers to immediately benefit from their knowledge, advising clients on how to make best use of the services and equipment, and ensuring that they have the optimal solution for the event they are producing. I am fortunate to have worked on all sizes and types of jobs at First Sight Media, from multi-site in-person events to virtual events and all points in between. Being able to offer that experience throughout the entire journey will help customers get the very best from our services and make their experience even more straightforward.”

Rich Belcher, MD of First Sight Media, said of the appointment, “We are thrilled to make this announcement. Phil has been part of the company’s history, with ten years of previous employment in a technical capacity where he successfully delivered hundreds of events. Phil rapidly became a customer favourite because of the exceptionally high standards that he set for himself and First Sight Media. Having Phil as the first point of contact for the business means that we have technical expertise at hand from the initial conversations, which allows us to offer practical advice to the client from the start. Phil knows what is possible and how we can deliver the very best for a client.”

“We love the challenge of being busy with exciting new projects, and with his deep knowledge of the business, the technical capability, and the best way to deliver the ideal solution for each client, I am certain that Phil will be generating plenty of interest in the coming year,” concluded Belcher.

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