Fisher Productions to deliver ice cold tour for Costa

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Fisher Productions is working with Paratus Communications to organise the Ice Cold Costa (ICC) tour on behalf of the coffee shop giant. Costa Coffee wishes to promote its ICC range and is reaching out to the public with free samples. From June 29 until July 27, the tour will visit Brighton, Southampton, Bristol. Milton Keynes, Cardiff, Newcastle, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow.

Becky Brown, project manager, Fisher Productions, is heading up the tour, which will utilise a branded ice cream van, which has been modified and wrapped.

Brown explained: “We started off organising the tour by sourcing venues and Costa chose 11 around the UK, all shopping centre locations in busy capitals where footfall is high. The tour will start at Whitbread Court home of Costa Coffee and cover Wales, Scotland, the North of England, East and South and will run the majority of July.

Costa wishes to reach people who wouldn’t necessarily think of Costa when wanting a cold summer drink.

“We will be keeping people up to date on the whereabouts of the ICC van throughout the tour via Costa’s Facebook page,” continues Brown. “People will be able to request ICC drop offs to their homes or workplaces and this will all be facilitated through a Costa Facebook app where they can contact the ICC request line. In addition, we will be promoting the location sites through traditional PR in the regions the ICC tour is visiting.”