Formans reveals further 2012 hospitality plans

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Details of London 2012 hospitality to be offered at Forman’s Fish Island have been revealed. Yesterday, Arthur Somerset and the Fish Island team said that the closest restaurant to the Olympic Stadium will serve starters and puddings on dramatic lazy-susans and transport guests to and from the Olympic Park via a chartered boat service. The venue will also host a major exhibition – In the Rings With Ali will comprise photographs, memorabilia, audio and video installations, text and poetry to commemorate Ali’s life achievements during his 70th year.

Forman’s Fish Island is working with Water Chariots, which will be operating boats 24 hours a day, transporting guests from Limehouse Basin and Tottenham Hale. A dedicated boat will also be taking our guests to the Northern Gate of the Olympic Park for easy access to the velodrome or media centre.