Showman’s Show preview: Fresh moves

The Showman’s Show takes place at Newbury Showground from October 19-20. Stand Out met Jeremy and Johnny Lance, Lance Publications and show organisers, and talked new moves and renewed energy…

Johnny Lance has developed a healthy interest in the family business. For the last few years, the youngest of the Lance fold has wandered Newbury Showground, stewarding the site, playing a part in The Showman’s Show.

“Being a family business, I’ve always had a vested interest in what’s going on, and I’ve been impressed with what’s been achieved,” he tells Stand Out, offering a plate of chocolate Hob Nobs.

Yet now Johnny has left his career in advertising and TV and has joined Lance Publications full-time. It means that he now sits at the helm with elder brother Jeremy Lance and will be a new face in the show office during the event.

The pair sit in their Shaftsbury office, drinking tea and talking candidly of their working relationship. Johnny joined the company six months ago and Jeremy still hasn’t made him a cup of tea and when asked what famous brothers they’d compare themselves to The Addams Family and Chuckle Brothers are offered up with sniggers.

But seriously, what does Johnny bring to the equation? Will we see a new Showman’s Show?

“Johnny brings a new energy,” comments Jeremy. “He’s concentrating on communications, the web side of the business and also databases. I do the site plan. No one touches that. Dad’s worked so hard to build the show and the name that we just have to nurture it.”

Jeremy explains that the show is up on sales compared to last year and so we can expect a Showman’s Show full of exhibitors and new ideas. But by no means are the Lance team complacent.

Johnny adds: “This year, I am finding my feet. But at the end of the day we’re all fighting for the same cause. Jeremy is learning to manage more, and we’re working together. There’s no sibling rivalry; we’re just working as a team.”

Outstanding seminars

For the fourth year running, Stand Out will host the Outstanding Seminars; this year

in partnership with Baconinflate. Sessions will take place on Wednesday, October
19 between 10.30am and 3pm. The
first session will be presented by Kambe Events’ Jon Walsh, who will take to the floor, looking at the waste management plans and policies of Shambala Festival, which Kambe organises. Walsh will be joined by his colleague Chris Johnson and the pair will address your questions on best practice, sustainability and recycling.

This year’s talks will comprise engaging debate, lively conversation and thought provoking opinion. Headed by Stand Out editor Caroline Clift, the sessions will provide visitors to the Showman’s Show with an unrivalled opportunity to hear first hand industry experts give their opinion on business, strategy and best practice.

But the Outstanding Seminars can take only 50 people per session. If you would like to save a seat at either talk, email

What’s new to see?

As always the exhibitor list promises visitors some of the best products and services on the market today. There are a number of new exhibitors that include: Planet Gold Decor, Batmink, and Media Structures. Ascot will once again be supplying the exhibitor hall and Planet Gold will be dressing the reception. Power Electrics, Eve, ID&C Ltd, Daytona Stage Hire, Miltec, Event Medicine Company and Baytex Manufacturing will be exhibiting and there are a number of product launches to look at.

Tygit will be showcasing a new ticketing system. Similarly, APT Skidata is to launch a temporary automated turnstile unit. Smiths Waste Management is launching an event recycling scheme and Total Displays will reveal a new X-Gloo event tent. A new four-man show will be demonstrated by Team Extreme and Master Climate Solutions will raise the temperature also with the launch of a heater. Organisers looking for branded parasols for corporate events should check out Pop Up Banners and its new offer. Likewise, Batmink will showcase a new range of LED illuminated furniture, as seen recently at Glastonbury, and Grumpy Joes has a new wireless, colour-changing LED dancefloor on display. The British Red Cross will showcase new Landrover first aid cycles, and two years since C6(n) made an appearance at the Showman’s Show with its idea for raised modular structures made from carbon-fibre, it’s now back with the final working prototype, this time trialled and tested.

Colour Mobile VMS has added a new product to its portfolio, Ecolite lighting towers, and will be showcasing them at the show. The eco-friendly lighting systems boast an 80 per cent reduction in CO2, compared to other lighting products.

Alistage will be exhibiting a new two-metre pedestrian gate, an addition to its pit barrier range. This will feature alongside its tried and trusted Alidome.

And finally, Ethix Management will also be present. Organisers will be able to meet and greet the team and put questions to an event licensing expert over the course of the show.

● The Showman’s Show will open its doors on October 19 and 20 at Newbury Showground, Berkshire. For more details, call 01747 854099 or register online free at