Giant event set to take Belfast by storm

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Belfast’s Titanic Slipways are set to host a 45-minute theatrical performance that will mark Northern Ireland’s mythical, industrial and cultural giants. Land of Giants will take place on June 30 and will be the largest outdoor event of its kind to be held in Northern Ireland.

A cast and crew of 500, a stage almost 200 metres in length and an audience of 18,000 are just some of the statistics to be released by Land of Giants’ organisers, Giant Events Company, as tickets go on sale for the event.

The show will feature digital animation, special effects, fireworks and aerial performances and the newly-opened Titanic Belfast building will also play a starring role.

Land of Giants has been funded by Legacy Trust UK, with additional support provided by Northern Ireland Tourist Board as a key event within the NI2012 Our Time Our Place programme.