Grub Stub digital crew catering solution to enter festival market

GrubStubA new, digital product that will manage food allocation for festival and event crew is to enter the market this summer. Grub Stub will officially be launched next week at two separate events, and festival and event professionals are being urged to register and check out the product.

Invented by entrepreneur and festival production manager, Louise Fitzpatrick, Grub Stub utilises QR code technology.

According to Fitzpatrick, Grub Stub is an alternative to the traditional paper-ticket and tick-box registers that festivals of all sizes use when managing and allocating food to hundreds crew and artists each day.

Designed for festivals and events, the system can be adopted anywhere meal tickets are used or meal tracking is required, such as tours, venues, even bars.

Festival and events professionals are being invited to join the Grub Stub team on April 3 in London or on April 4 in Bristol to look at the solution and its features. To register, click here.