Guernsey Festival put on hold as it fails to secure major sponsorship deal

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GuernseyFestivalThe organisers of Guernsey Festival have announced that the event is on hold. Jon and Paul Stephen announced via a statement on the Guernsey Festival website that no festival will be staged in 2013 because they “cannot continue to subsidise the event”.

“We invested many hundreds of thousands of pounds into establishing a festival in Guernsey, but we are just two ordinary guys, and cannot continue to subsidise an event of this scale.

“This is a very tough industry, and the level that we have operated puts us in direct competition with major UK and European festivals, attracting audiences in the tens of thousands, all vying for the same artists and equipment, and all of which come at huge costs.

“Despite the calibre of acts that we have brought over to the island, we have been unable to secure a major sponsorship deal. An event of this calibre simply cannot survive without a headline sponsor, or without some fundamental changes, no headline sponsor = no headline acts!

“It is hugely disappointing that we are unable to stage a festival in 2013, not just for us as organisers, but also for the island of Guernsey, the thousands of people that did buy tickets, and of course the countless individuals that have devoted their time to the festival in return for nothing more than to be a part of Guernsey’s premier event.

“We have no doubt that a festival with big name acts can work in Guernsey, but it can only work with the unwavering support of the local community, business and media.

“We, the organisers, do not wish the festival to come to an end, and we are leaving the door open for investment.  However, currently there are too many financial issues still in need of resolving, and until this happens, we cannot consider staging another festival.”