Halo Group and Platterform to deliver The Last Supper Club pop-up dining experience

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The Halo Group, Platterform, and The Yard, Shoreditch, have partnered to host The Last Supper Club, a curated, pop-up dining experience from December 6 to the 22.

Inspired by the Mayan prophecy, which predicts the end of the world on December 21, 2012, the project, The Last Supper Club, will see The Halo Group and Platterform create a feast for all senses, catering for larger group bookings of 50-100 and exclusive dry hires for up to 300 people. Smaller group bookings of two to 50 are also welcome.

The Halo Group’s live festival build experience will be brought to the table to integrate creative production, building bespoke set design features to immerse diners into the lost world of The Last Supper Club.

Sam Matthews, creative director of The Halo Group, comments: “The Last Supper Club is a coming together of a like-minded collective of people who are aiming to push the boundaries, creating an experience to remember for all that attend. Festivals and food are at the heart of our sectors within the event industry, so we hope this is the start of many imaginative events from The Halo Group and Platterform.”

The Ark, an exclusive area available for reservations, will offer experimental three-course dining, hosted by a different guest chef each week that will bring their imprint to The Last Supper Club, creating culinary theatre in an open kitchen environment. For guests that would rather opt for the cultural buzz of global street food, The Last Supper Club will feature a selection of apocalypse twists on Mayan-inspired delicacies, historic Middle Eastern cuisine, and Dooms Day house-smoked slow cooked meats, all that will play part to extending the event experience.

There are also plans to schedule DJ’s and live music to entertain guests after food service.

Julian Buyani, director, of Platterform, adds: “Platterform’s typical style of event has always brought the unexpected to a drinking and dining experience, displaying experiential concepts that aim to create a feast for the five senses. The collaboration between The Halo Group and Platterform sees a synergy that we hope evolves the choice in experimental dining and unique social events.”

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