Halo Solutions

Halo Solutions unveils Halo System v5

Halo Solutions’ crowd management platform, the Halo System, is introducing new ways for venues to ensure the safety of their visitors. Halo Solutions has introduced more than 75 new features and updates to the Halo System.

Version 5 updates include new APIs for the whole system, a document library so that risk assessments and protocols can be stored for staff to access instantly, a new Bulletin Board for ejections and risky people, a newly designed dashboard and upgraded mapping integrations. The system will also introduce four additional modules for users. These include:

  • Crowd Management, allowing clients to dynamically monitor crowds from CCTV feeds, using smart overlays and AI to ascertain crowd sentiment, density, tension and flow.

  • Accreditation, giving clients the ability to create digital access passes (available to print) that prove identity. Linked to the UK Government Passport and Driving Licence databases and allowing for customisable onboarding journeys with document upload for compliance, even for temporary staffing, solving a huge industry problem.

  • A sustainability module, offering clients the opportunity to monitor the impact of their venue and operations with month-by-month comparison and meta-analysis on key sustainability metrics on waste, water, electricity and gas usage.

  • A new live video integration which can be directly streamed into a Halo dashboard. Sources for video feeds can include drones, CCTV and boots on the ground via mobile devices – an automated direct permission link that allows mirroring of their critical live video to control.

Lloyd Major, CEO and founder of Halo Solutions, said: “Halo v5 is the culmination of five years of feedback and dream features that our clients have said were on their wish list. It’s been incredible to be able to get into the detail of their amazing ideas and even more to be able to build these internally. Halo v5 truly is ‘Designed by you and built by us.’ It lays the foundations for a lot more powerful features to come throughout 2023 and beyond as we continue our journey building the #1 most widely used incident and threat management platform in the world.”

In 2022, more than 30 million people were protected because of the Halo System. It was used at 1,800 events, including concerts, sporting events, conferences, festivals and marathons, saw 650,000 tasks and event checks. Plus, 74,000 incidents were logged through the system.