London’s famous skyline was lit up to ring in 2024 with the capital’s world-renowned fireworks, lights and drone show sending a message of celebration and unity to the world. Once again, Identity worked alongside the Mayor of London, to deliver the show over the River Thames.

More than 100,000 ticketholders gathered to watch more than 12,000 fireworks by Titanium Fireworks, 600 drones, 430 lights and a varied soundtrack of songs and voice-over clips.

This year’s illuminations delivered a message of unity to the world and showed that London is for everyone. The display was designed to unite Londoners and bring communities together to celebrate the capital’s diversity and promote mutual respect, as well as celebrate key milestones from 2023.

London’s biggest night of the year paid homage to the Coronation of our new monarch and featured a recorded message from His Majesty King Charles III celebrating our society’s diversity. It also marked 75 years of the NHS, 75 years since the arrival of Empire Windrush and 10 years since same-sex marriage became legalised.

A drone display by SkyMagic interacted directly with the fireworks. The drones formed a countdown ahead of Big Ben chiming midnight, a dandelion’s petals blowing away to illustrate the need to protect our natural world, and a child blowing bubbles to send a message of hope and joy. The bubbles then appeared to be popped by fireworks, in a visual first for a display in the UK.

Hannah Clark, project director at Identity, said: “We are delighted to once again support the Mayor of London, with the delivery of 2023’s London’s New Year’s Eve celebrations. In close collaboration with the GLA, leading names across music production, entertainment lighting and pyrotechnic display, Identity developed a dazzling spectacle, celebrating the truth that ‘London is a place for everyone’, whether they chose to visit or make the city their home. Identity would like to thank their team, the many stakeholders and industry partners involved in supporting us in welcoming 2024 with a bang! It felt like the perfect way to finish off an amazing year.”

The event was produced by Identity, with Titanium Fireworks, SkyMagic, On The Sly, Neg Earth Lights, Delta Live, Qdos Event Hire, Sunbelt Rentals, Entertee and Showsec all supplying infrastructure and services.

Image: Mayor of London


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