Event technology

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Interactive event technology is evolving, taking audience response systems well beyond the simple instant display of feedback. The next level is about a hardware platform, designed to accommodate the complete spectrum of application ideas. It is beyond voting.

Before the development of audience response systems, there was nothing in the way of technology to support interactive participation at meetings and events. Since their invention however, the industry has advanced and honed its solutions to cater not only for audience voting, but specifically for AGMs and auctions. It’s now the norm to expect systems to work as a platform on which to build tailored and flexible audience interaction, and with global technology evolving at a rate of knots, interactive event technology must strive to evolve too. Now, suppliers are expected not only to keep up, but to innovate, offering companies and organisations further opportunities to achieve more.

In response to these increasing expectations, IML, the global leaders in interactive event technology, has developed the Connector. Not so much a handset as a mini computer, the Connector is designed to radicalise former notions of audience response systems. The possibilities of the technology are vast; the Connector accommodates new ideas and originality through multiple applications, inviting new levels of imagination as to how to engage an audience. Rather than a simple text keypad, it has a QWERTY keyboard; simultaneous interpretation is a standard feature, as is a portable PA system, multiple audio channels and an OLED colour screen for multimedia and high-resolution graphics. The Connector even contains an accelerometer – software you would usually find in game console controllers to detect tilt and orientation.

Where once interactive technology was seen as an addition to events – a way to facilitate speaker’s questions, debate, multiple choice responses and texting – the Connector is designed to be an integral companion. In short, the system has the potential to meet every need from one platform, is quick to set up and easy to use. It could save paper and time by containing the agenda; it could manage the order of who is speaking, and can constantly receive texts on views and opinions; ad hoc voting can be easily accommodated, and proceedings can be recorded as a time stamped Excel file, effectively creating automated minutes. No matter where a company or charity wishes to take their meetings, auctions, quizzes or beyond, the Connector can inspire them to use their imagination to the full, and in turn get the very best from their audience.

If you’d like to see the next generation of audience response systems in action, contact IML on 01428 721000 for a demonstration.