Interactive Paralympic exhibition opened by Ottobock

Ottobock has created an interactive exhibition within the Olympic Park to celebrate Paralympic Sport and give the public a greater understanding of the Games and the technology athletes use to compete.

Passion for Paralympics was opened by the International Paralympic Committee and the technical services provider to the Games, yesterday (August 30).

If you are one of the 2.5 million to have a Paralympic ticket and are visiting the Olympic Park, the exhibition is open until September 9 from 9am until 10pm.

Visitors have the chance to take part in a hand cycling race and add their speed to a leader board and also try an experience that has been designed to enable visitors to feel the strength required to power a carbon fibre running blade and compare themselves with the Paralympic athletes that use them.

They will also be able to pledge their support for the 2012 Paralympic Games by sharing what they are passionate about and taking a picture to upload to a fan wall on the Passion for Paralympics website.

The exhibition includes stories of Paralympic and recreational athletes that use prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs; an interactive display exploring the relationship between mood and gait; and a history of Ottobock’s 24 years of involvement with the Paralympic Movement.