Isle of Wight Festival to spend £250k on road surfaces

IsleofWightFestivalJohn Giddings, organiser of the Isle of Wight Festival, has revealed on Twitter that he is to spend £250,000 on road surfaces and hard standing so that visitors to the festival can avoid entering and exiting the event on grass.

According to Giddings, the festival is to double its car parks, spend £250,000 on roadworks, and it will create more exits and entrances to car parks on road surfaces.

The above is in response to a fan on Twitter who questioned what Giddings and his team would do this year to avoid scenes of traffic chaos witnessed in 2012.

Giddings used the social network site to reveal his plans, which form part of a wider event safety operational plan to look at traffic management.

The news follows last year’s announcement that the festival will keep its licence despite a review and complaints from Isle of Wight residents.